List of Apple Design Awards Winner Apps of 2017

Apple Awarded These 12 Apps Best Designed App and You Need To Check Them Out

The apps with best deign are here Awarded These 12 Apps Best Designed App and You Need To Check Them Out

Apple made big announcements for the Apple users and developers as well. There was a lot of things came out from the bag of the most valuable company on the planet. In this years WWDC Apple showcased many amazing upcoming projects of the company that will sure go to revolutionise this era. Along with new series based on the App development and upcoming new version of the iOS Apple have awarded 12 iOS apps for best designed among all.

Getting an award from the world’s best company is quite a big, here are the apps been awarded in case you missed.


This is an intense word -fighting game, won the award for the best-designed app from Apple. The game is about one-armed warrior Sasha going through the adventure with his word and eliminating the enemies. The game very impressive design and interface that will keep you intact till you get tired after playing for hours.The game costs $2.99 in App store.

2.Old Man’s Journey

Old Man’s Journey

The game is the best design award winner for 2017 by the Apple. The game is about an old man narrating his stories, life’s precious moments and broken dreams.The game will take you on the tour by narrating you the story through visual contents and you will indulge in the game by becoming a part of the story. You will help the old man by creating his path, growing the plants, solving the tricky puzzle and shape the landscape around you.

3.Mushroom 11

Mushroom 11

This game is all about beautiful visuals and pleasing sound, it is a dark and beautiful platforming game. As the game starts and goes ahead you can change yourself and mould according to the landscape around you. The game is chosen by the Apple for best design award so there is no argument in giving the game a shot. The game will cost you $4.99 in Appstore if you wanna try it.

4.Splitter Clitters

Splitter Critters

It is a puzzle game that is suitable for both kids and adults.Just split the world with the swipe of your fingers and rearrange it to guide the critters.The game will take you through the journey of a new and dangerous planet with awe-inspiring visuals. Music is very soothing headphones is the best pair with the game and make you feel you are not on earth anymore.



This is a very beautiful puzzle game that pushes you to think out of the box. The game has over 80.000 five star reviews and the best among the puzzle game.This game in spite of the best design award winner from Apple is free in Apple store. So hurry now and just check this game out now.

6.Air Mail 3

This application is developed to take the user interface of email interaction to a whole new level. Air Mail 3 is an email client app with intuitive interaction and better performance.The app is totally compatible with the site and usually, costs $3.99 for iPhone and $9.99 for the Mac ones.


Enlight is a high-performance photo editor for the iPhones along with most variety tools. This app allows the user to edit the app in the most probable way that a user can try. The interactive design along with the typical tools embedded with acute options is the main reason to get it the award from the Apple.The photo editing in this app will cost you $3.99.


Elk is a very simple yet very handy app which converts the currency for you on a go. The app also comes with Apple watch compatibility to give you instant result regarding the current currency. The app has a very simple and impressive user interface and costs $3.99 and offers a 7-day free trial.

9.Things 3

Things 3

This app is best for you if you are messed up with work, home or need any kind of organised to do list. The app provides a to-do list to make you organised and assist in getting the job doe on time. Things 3 is also synced with the other part of the phones like calendar and emails to get the plans online. The app has the best and well-structured approach to assist the user and priced $9.99 in the App store.

10.Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories

This app is personally loved by the Apple CEO Tim Cook, is a cooking app. The app offers an endless count of healthy and luscious recipes. The app has the best way to deliver the user wanted recipes through various filters for giving precise results. The app currently it costs nothing in the App Store and you can download for free.



Bear is a note taking an application for the iOS, it allows the user to take codes and create prose, codes and sketches too. Bear can be considered as the new generation notepad equipped with everything you need. The app is free in its basic version but the pro-edition costs $14.99 annually.



Lake is developed to get out your imagination fro your head in the very best way. Using the tools and design you can draw anything and create a perfect painting. You need the color the picture according to your and wish and you can also print out the final coloring. There are an endless number of sketches you can put color accordingly and show your talent.

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