Instagram is Planning to Give More Authority To the Users
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Instagram Planning to Give More Authority To the Users With Favourite List Option

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Instagram Planning to Give More Authority To the Users With Favourite List Option

The Social Networking apps seem to be in the never-ending war of giving innovative features. Recently WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have given some interesting features to the users. Now Instagram comes up with a new addition to the option of pic sharing across the platform. The company is planning to make things much more personal over the app.

Instagram is working on the new option named ‘Favourite', this feature will let the users make a list of other users.

ON privacy talk, Instagram already offers a private account to the users. This function allows the IG’ers to make their profile and pics personal. Images only will be shared with the followers, however now the company wants to give more empowerment to the users.  

With the favorite option, the user can make the list of their friends or people they wanna share certain pics. So, whenever the user shares the pic to that list only the people on the list will be able to see that pic. However, there is no notification to the list people, the image will have a flashy green badge. This badge will let you that the image you are seeing belongs to the favorite group of that person you belong.

Along with this on the profile page, there will be a tab named Favourite at the bottom that contains all the Favourite pics. If you are not in that person's favorite list you will see the blank tab.

The motive behind this new addition is to make you feel closer to the special ones when you are not around them. The feature is currently in testing period and available only to some of the lucky users. According to the reports, the overall rollout for the user will take a few months later.

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