4 Most trending Chat Fiction Apps That Teens Go Crazy For

Chat Fiction Apps: New Trend Among Teens Redefining The Story Reading

Teens going crazy about the app

Top X published date 12th March, 2018 Ariana Johnson

We belong to the era or century that have witnessed a drastic transformation in the technology world. The evolution of the human-machine interaction has changed the meaning of how we use technology for help or assistance. Today the approach of mobile first in enterprises world is growing the mobile app world at a very rapid speed. Mobile apps continuously replacing everything around us in order to assist us more conveniently. The latest fad which took the invasion of application in our life one step forward is chat fiction apps.

If you never heard of the chat fiction apps that you need to update your app list to cope up with time. These are the latest trend especially taken by the new generation kids to read a story. This application replaces the traditional paper book in order to narrate a story with the interesting way. These can be taken as the digital book but have the quite strange way to tell the story for the paperback readers.

Chat fiction apps use the text message narration way to narrate the story that’s why these apps named chat fiction apps. As today’s generation is addicted to the chatting apps and most time of the day they experience the chat format in maximum activities.

Here are some of the popular chat fiction apps


HOOKED Chat Stories on the App Store

This is the top of all chat fiction app and entertaining a huge portion of smartphone user. This app also responsible for starting this trend of typical story reading method. The app came to life in 2015 and since then continue to rule the field. Hooked also among the top 40 apps across all categories. The genre of stories ranges from horror to love and all the stories are mentioned in the form of messages.

You need to scroll to know what takes place next in the story, this idea is put in place because the youth are addicted to this format since they have introduced to technology.

The app is pretty much free to install but it charges the user to read the stories. It offers a subscription worth $2.99 for a weekly subscription and $39.99 for a year.


Yarn Chat Fiction on the App Store

YARN is the storytelling app with SMS pattern same as the Hooked and has the same subscription cost. However the content is somehow different, it quite seems original and contains very different themes.

The categories contain a hypothetical conversation with A-list celebrities and even some dating conversation. App also includes a game named ‘Truth and Dare’ and joke section which uses the artificial same as Siri. The yarn is also one of the very frequent used apps for reading the stories. Yarn made a significant place in the top revenue-generating list by beating Kindle.


Tap by Wattpad

Tap is same as the other apps and doing quite great in app world. The app offers the same format stories and has the same price tags. You can find categories from romance to science fiction, there is everything that you might be interested in reading. You can also see trending stories and how many people are scrolling the story. The platform also allows the user to write their own stories and share it with others.

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