Apple Update App Store With New Sections and Categories

Apple Changed The App Store and Revamped It With New Additions

Try new options in the store Changed The App Store and Revamped It With New Additions

As expected Apple on the very first day of WWDC 2017 introduced things that totally amaze the developer and the whole world. “Keep creating Apps, the world is depending on you” is the line with which the company starts its conference after the sharing a video showing there are no Apps in the world. App Store is no more and the world rush into a chaos and whole thing are messed up that's exactly it is we are too much depend on the mobile apps.

Afterward, in the conference, Apple introduced whole new revolutionized App store. The totally redesigned and changed the App store from user-interaction to content structure. This can be considered as the biggest upgrade in the App Store since its launch in 2008. According to the company's official words, it uses its  9 years of experience of the App store and put all in transforming it give the user a best and more personalized experience.Th new App store contains the original stories, editorial stories, Today Tab, Game Tab and App Tab.

This is how new App store looks

Today Tab

This Tab is all about the new change in the App store that never has been done before on any platform. This tab will convey the user about what happens and latest news in the App store. The user gets the original as well as the editorial stories behind the games and apps by the dedicated team of Apple. The Today tab shows the latest premieres and games added to the list along with the what idea pull the developer to transform the tech world we live in. Along with this it will give fresh -look every day with new tips and how to guides for a user to interact more effectively.

Game And Apps Tab

Games is the most demanding section of the mobile application and now App Store has given a separate home to it. The Game tab contains all the information needed for the game section. This Tab will notify the user about the latest addition to the Gaming apps along with the featured recommendation, compelling videos and hand-picked collection too. Now it's too easy for the user to navigate a great app of the interests and the tab is customized in a way that it's the perfect place for a casual player the hardcore gamer both.

For the other types apps from photography to painting and payment method to social networking apps Apps have their own Tab. The store is giving the user all things at one place without much trouble along with the list of Top charts in this section.  This tab also has featured great recommendations, videos and hand-picked -collection across 24 categories of application.

Update And Search

The update tab is included in the App store to give user latest news like what have change and updates in their favorite apps, games. With this, the user will be updated about their concerned apps and it's related news. The search tab allows the customer to search anything about the app and will show the relevant content from the Today tab. The user can search by name of the app, category, developer or topic they will receive the relevant result specific to the search for videos, stories, editorial, apps, collection and in-app purchases

App Product Page

This page is the home page for all application where users find the app. The Apple customized the whole page and made it more useful for the developer to show users more about their app. Now developers can display more specific and precise content to the user to help them take a decision to install the app or not. App maker now allows to add up to three videos and five screenshots to give a user a brief idea about the app. Along with this editor’s choice and chart position also highlighted and in-app purchases, customer reviews, and ratings are also there.

The all-new App store will be included in iOS 11, the developer preview of iOS 11 is now available for the developers. The user version will be available for the iOS users later this month mentioned by the company.

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