Google Play Award Winner 12 Android Apps of 2017
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Google Awarded These Best 12 Android Apps of 2017

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Google Awarded These Best 12 Android Apps of 2017

Google Play store contains more than 2.2 million apps and almost hundreds of applications add every week. For a single requirement and task, we have a plethora of applications in the store to choose from. However all the application present are not great in functionality and experience so there ios ratings given by the users.

Have you ever thought what application Google thinks are best and deserves appreciation. An annual I/O event this year Google share every detail about coming feature and projects including instant apps, Play Protect, and other stuff. In this excitement-packed event, Google takes out some time to appreciate the apps that perform well on the platform.

Here are 12 apps of 2017 that Google thinks are best of all

1.Mushroom 11

This application in the genre of games from the indie developers receives the award from the Google for best app. The game is very addictive and contains very solid visual effect with physics puzzle which makes it a great game for best experience. With the appreciation around the globe the Mushroom 11 worth checking out.

2.Hooked, Awarded with Standout Startup Award

The application receives the average of 4.4. Star in the Google Play Store by almost 200,000 people. The application also awarded with Standout Startup Award for emerging out the most creative user experience given by new developers.

3.Runtastic Running and Fitness: Give Best Android Wear Experience Award

The application works on the part where it proves that technology can also help us to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Its functionality includes distance measuring, route tracking, inbuilt music and an innovative voice coach. The app has 4.5 stars in the rating of Google Play store.

4.Best Tv Experience App Won by Red Bull TV

The app has best the intuitive experience of watching shows. The app streams the wild sports with a support of large-screen format. Red Bull TV delivers what extreme sports viewers want to watch. The app has very much variety of wild and adventure sports content for the viewers and topped the category for Google.

5.Virtual Virtual Reality Won Best VR experience Award

This game goes one step ahead in the world of virtual reality. The developers created a game with best UI and which give users a thrilling experience with the integration of Daydream. The player experiences virtual realities inside a virtual reality. Firstly the user wears the Google VR headset and starts the game afterwards within the game they put on more headset to explore virtual reality further.

6.The World, Best AR Experience Award

The application gives the user best ever augmented reality experience. This game has left the legend Pokemon Go behind in the category of AR. The user can see the mushroom growing on their floor or something coming out from their TV. The will capture with its outstanding experience and you don't wanna quit the app.

7.Animal Jam. Best Game for Kid Award

Perfect game for the minors, that helps in improving the creativity and knowledge of the child along with the education. The game is consist of friendly user-friendly designed for the children based on social networking system allow them to lay with other kids. If you have a child this game is must to install your phone.

8.Best Multiplayer Game is acquired by The HearthStone

The game is based on the witchcraft theme and players play with the help of cards. The game can be a player by mobile or computer eliminating the need to play with the same device for multiplayer gamers. Blizzard has given this game a very classy touch with UI and perfect gameplay for the players who like to challenge others on the net. The game allows the players to make their own deck characters and implement their strategies.The game is given the 4.4. Star Average rating by the millions of users.

9.Memrise, Winner of Best App Award

It is actually the best learning app, it helps the user to learn something in a very amazing way. The user can add up their material and learn that with the help of the Memrise. The user can also dive in the content uploaded by the other users and acquire great knowledge.The award is given to the app on the basis of its intuitive UI and excellent user appeal.

10.Transformers: Forged To Fight, won the Best Game Award

The Transformer game with strong mechanics, strong engagement, stellar graphics and retention tactics beat the Pokemon Go sweep away the Title. The game is very much action Packed And will give you no time to look at the clock you will keep playing. The game has a variety of fighting style from swiping to tapping include arcade style. The game based on the famous movie Transformers, fight between the Autobots and the     Decepticons.

11.IFTTT, Win the Best Accessibility Award

It's the best creative app that you have ever come across. The IFTTT stands for “IF This, Then, That”. The app allows endless integration with the other apps which opens the door of non-ending ideas to use it. You can use the app to set your new Instagram post as your wallpaper or text a broadcast message automatically to your partner when just reached your home in parking garage automatically. The app basically integrates apps together and makes more innovative functionalities.

12.Share The Meal, Best Social Impact Award

Share The Meal is the application developed to create a difference in the world by giving an opportunity to you. The United Nation’s World Food Program is behind the creation of the application. The app allows you to donate as much you want to and use that to provide the meal to the needy ones. The app already shared te meal with 13.3 million people's successfully and deserve this award.

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