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Duplicate Files Fixer: Best Duplicate Cleaner for Android

Clean up your Android device with this excellent Android app

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Smartphone plays a key role in the transformation of the tech world and drifting our life more in digital dimensions. Almost every task is done with the use of applications and smartphones which make phones to contain composite data.

Very often we all go through the problem of having duplicates file within our device. These double files of the same content cause many issues from low memory to slowing down the device. But now we have an ultimate solution to remove get rid off from this hassle.

What is Duplicate Files Fixer?

Duplicate files on your Android accumulates over time due to numerous reasons like file sharing, file downloading and data backup etc. These identical files not only occupy valuable storage space but they also affect device speed and performance negatively. To deal with these files, you can perform manual cleaning of the device or you can use duplicate file remover tools. One such tool is Duplicate Files Fixer which offers instant 

How does it work?

1. Select Scan Type

At the beginning of the process, you will find multiple scan options to select from. Here you can select specific folder like audio, videos, pictures or documents or you can go for full scan mode. Under Full Scan mode, the app will scan your complete device including SD card (except on Android OS 4.4 version). Hit the “Scan Now” button to start the scanning process. 

2. Scanning Process

App offers instant and accurate results using advanced algorithms. Click on “Scan Now” button to initiate the scanning process. It will scan your complete device, even the remotest corners of it to find and delete duplicate files on it. It uses smart technology to find all similar and exact looking files on your device effortlessly. Though the scanning process is swift, but it may take some time when full scan mode is selected. To stop scanning process in between you can click on “Stop Scanning” button. The app will initiate a whole new scanning process next time. 

2. Scan Results

Scan results are shown in groups in an auto-mark format. Under the auto-mark format, all last files of the group remain marked to be deleted. Here, “Mark All except last” option can help you mark the first files of the groups. By Selecting “Unmark All” option, you can manually select the files to delete them. Once you have marked and selected the files next is to delete this duplicate data by pressing the “Delete Now” button.

It will help you recover some precious storage space.  Alternatively, you can select data backup option as well to back up your important files. To do this, click on “Backup now” button to instantly take backup of your personal and other important files on cloud servers using “Right Backup” app. Here you will require selecting files from each folder to take backup. Else you can select “Custom Selection” option to choose particular files from internal storage or from SD card. You can retrieve this data anytime you want from cloud servers.

3. Unmark Shortest files location

Using this feature, you can unmark those duplicate files which exist at the shortest file location of your device storage. It will help you retrieve such files as the app will simultaneously mark and remove those identical files which exist at the longest files location. It will reduce your file searching time as you can access original data instantly. You can find this option in the menu (three vertical dots at the upper right corner) of scan results.

Features Of Duplicate Files Fixer

1. Ignore LIst Option

Ignore list allows you to avoid scanning of selected files once added to the list. You can add or remove any files to Ignore list from internal storage or SD card. This feature is a useful addition to retain your important data untouched. 

2. Scan Filters For to Search Pricely

The app is equipped with many useful scan filters which help you get improved results instantly. It offers various scan filters like the same name, same size, same content, including 0-byte files and hidden files & folders in case you have selected documents or full scan mode. Alternatively, you can opt for “Default Settings” to get scan results. Using these effective filters, you can save your time and get refined results. 

3. Language Options

App offers various language options to support users around the world. You can select a language of your choice from the list of options. It is assisted with all major language options. 

4. Lucrative Themes

App offers two different themes to cater taste of different users. It offers Classic and Material theme with all intuitive user interface and easy functioning. Both the themes are designed to offer you improved user experience.                

Final Views

Duplicate Files Fixer is an impressive tool which helps you fix all your duplicate data related worries on your device. It helps you recover lot of precious storage space and improves your device performance. It scans and removes identical data even from the remotest corner of your device which helps you reduce manual efforts and save time. It allows you to view files from the results so that you can manage files well on your device. This is an effective tool which offers instant and accurate results. We highly suggest this app to users around the world. image6 

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