Top Six Free Ways to Increase Your App Downloads
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These 6 Ways Will Result in Maximum App Downloads

The most effctive ways 6 Ways Will Result in Maximum App Downloads

With the rapid transformation of the world, digital technology has integrated with our life like we can't imagine ourselves without it. Our needs, demands, and attitude of expecting the results instantly made mobile apps market larger than ever. Google play store itself contains more than 2.2 million application in the bag. In order to stand out of the crowd, you need to do some things that other lacks. App store optimization is the thing most of the app owners does not take seriously in order to improve downloads. It is all about ensuring your app doesn't get lost in the big app world. Considering some of the points below and implementing them while and after app development will take your app to top in app store search result.

Here are 6 ways that will help you to accelerate the app downloads

1. Title helps the most

The title of mobile app helps the most to rank it in app store while search. According to the reports, 63% of the downloads are from random search in the app store. Make sure your app title should give an idea about its functionality and also hit the keyword you wanna target. App store focuses the keywords that users search the most shows results relatively. But don't just stuff the keyword otherwise app store will reject your app.

2. Target Keywords Accordingly

You should select the targeted keywords according to the situations, you must change keywords according to need. Considering your app already has plenty of downloads and getting great traffic then you should target the more competitive keywords. If you have just started to compete then you should choose the keyword with low difficulty and moderate traffic.To get the difficulty and competitive level keywords you can use tools like App Annie and SensorTower.

3. Localization

Every App store is categorized geographically by country and should be targeted according to the local audience. Every country has different culture and language so you should localize your app according to the targeted region. You are allowed to change metadata of your app for the different country. Localization helps a lot in increasing the market it unfold new opportunities to acquire more potential users.

4. Description is important

Once people discovered your app first they want to convince themselves that they have reached the right place. This is done by meta description you should embed the targeted keywords in the description but with full details. The description should be short and includes the functionality of the app and its key features that tempt the user to hit the install button. Screenshot plays a very important role here, the user firstly gets influenced by the user interface and design of the app. With the help of screenshot, you can show how your app looks but you need to put a very clear image of your app that shows exactly what user is looking for.

5. Rate and App Reviews are key aspects

Rates play a very substantial role in-app search and also convince the user to download your app. Have you ever downloaded a 1-star app? no one wants that no one's like. Whereas reviews are important when user have discovered your app and looking for reasons to download it. Good mobile app reviews make the user believe in your product and include in his app list. Good reviews and rates can only obtain by pleasing the user with awe-inspiring service and functionalities. Don't try to fake the reviews as app store tracks all the details like time span between reviews and how long user used the app. It may cost you in terms of decreased rating as punishment from the app store if it finds any dubious activity.

6. Regular Data Analyzing

No matter what keywords you have targeted and what tactics you have implied at the end of the day all you need is the result. After implementing all these steps, test all the data and analyze the behavior. Testing of all the collected data will narrow down your point of the strike to increase the download. You will be aware of the keyword you need to work on and what your targeted user expects from you. Data never lies and it will help you to improvise in the field you are lagging.


Right Now mobile app industry is a huge market and competition is tougher than ever. With the regular invasion of enterprises in the app technology, almost every business has its own mobile app. To lead the market and obtain maximum downloads you need to involve these above actions in your app strategy. 

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