10 Paid iPhone Apps on Sale for Free Today
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10 Paid iPhone Apps on Sale for Free Right Now

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2017 comes with the many interesting events in the mobile app world, it being only 4 months in this year and there is a lot to talk. Social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat coming up with something new every day. Google enhancing the Android interface step by step and VR is always there along recent with Microsoft event. According to the latest mobile app technology news, some iOS developers made their app free for some time. There are 10 apps which are paid but currently free to download from the App Store. There is no information how long this offer will last maybe for an hour from now or maybe for a whole week.

So quickly have a look at these free apple apps and grab as quickly as possible.


Fair-Ride let you compare the ride between the Uber and Lyft to know the cheaper way. It normally cost between $2.99, it automatically compares the cost, time and other things among these two carpools services. It also allows you directly book your ride and tell you the ETA to the destination along with the pickup time.


Offliner is basically a web browser which allows the user the save pages while surfing and let you check it out while no internet connect. The cost of this application in the app store is set to be $0.99. The simple and elementary user interface made it very rich in user experience. The app is available for all the iOS devices and does not require any password to log in.


Zip-Zap is basically a gaming app which let you design and built homes and other structure mechanically. By pressing and releasing you can control the construction to build something innovative. Nice game with simple user interface make it is a very great game to spare some time. The app usually costs $ 1.99 to Apple users.

4.Flight Tracker

This app lets you track any commercial plane and see its position in real time. You can also know that where the plane is going by pointing your device to the ongoing plane in the sky. This app basically converts your smartphone into an airplane tracker radar. The cost of the application is about $ 1.99 in-app store. You can tap the airplane flying in real-time on detailed to know details like route, ETA, next airport with weather conditions and other information too.


Weby is based on the whole new concept, the app lets you make a video of the web content along with your voice in it. In simpler words is ideal if you wanna make a tutorial video using the web content. You can use this app for teaching purpose explaining something to others and it cost $ 1.99.

6.Week Calendar

Week calendar app is the best calendar you can utilize in your smartphone. This app is app embedded with all necessary calendar features that other lacks with the best user experience.

  • Unique Features
  • Attachment feature
  • Link contacts to the Events
  • Full event customizations
  • You can share events or appointments via e-mail, messages, and WhatsApp.
  • Can invite Participants


You can update our Facebook status and share with all your social media friends via Apple watch. WatchSocial let you update your facebook status just by using the Apple watch. It also gives you some or-built status to share and you can see your profile details on the Apple watch. The price of this app in Appstore is normally $.099.

8.Planet Switch

This gaming app is the best option to kill time with its stupendous gaming features. You need to save the planet by tapping the fingers on the screen. The game continuously puts your reflexes and focus on the test. The App store usually sells this at the price of $.99.

9.Gangster Granny

The interesting game with the gangster taste in the role of Granny will give you a thrilling experience. The game will take you to the tour of granny who once use to rob the banks but now left all behind but things get changed after she met an incident. The game usually cost you $0.99 in App store.

10.Air Contacts Pro

Aircontact Pro is the calling widget launcher that will give you a pleasant experience in calling. It simplifies the process of calling your friends and let you connect with other with least press of buttons. The Air Contacts Pro normally costs $0.99 to the users. These above applications currently free in App store there is no precise time for the end of the offer.  When you open the app if there is price mentioned then the offer is over but if its free then you can enjoy it without spending anything. 

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Joshua Anderson

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