A Brief Insight of China App Store Market

A Brief Insight of China App Store Market

In the gaming category, China is responsible for generating 75% of the total app revenue.

A Brief Insight of China App Store Market

The mobile app industry is the sector where everyone is interested in investing as its booming right now. If we talk about the mobile app economy, the stats are hitting higher and higher every quarter.

The most significant contribution to the expansion of the app industry in terms of economy usage and popularity is by China. From app downloads to app usage sessions, China tops the table in almost every aspect.

China’s App Market

In China, there are a set of compliances crafted and maintained by the Cyberspace Administration of China. According to a claim made In January 2016, all the apps store are required to register with the Chinese government. It further put all the app stores under the watch of the Chinese government, and thus, it shows the increasing importance of the app industry in China.

If we look at the 2016 reports, the total app downloads via iOS and Android increased by 15%. Downloads are expected to go beyond 90 billion in 2016. The app usage time went over 900 billion hours on the apps, and it's an increase of 25% from 2015.

China leads the app market by more than 15%, leaving the US at the second number and contributes almost 50% to the annual growth of iOS. China added $1.7 billion in revenue for iOS.

These numbers are expected to go higher with the increasing penetration of the smartphone user in coming time.

Also, China app market is considered to be more advantageous, as compared to the US and UK.

Thriving Chinese App Market

All the data and stats have proven the potential of the Chinese app market to profit the app industry. App Annie has predicted that China will be ruling the app industry with the most substantial revenue growth by 2020.

Gaming apps lead the category section with China occupying 75% of all revenue in last of 2016. Entertainment and social media apps are also continuously gaining the popularity of the app market.

Considering the OS, Android seems to expand its business in the Chinese market as compared to iOS. However, Google Play is banned in China, as China prefers the growth of the domestic business over foreign app stores.

Top Five App Stores in China

Apps like Tencent, Qihoo 360, and Baidu have created their app store to serve the local market. These app stores are leading the market in China with users and downloads.

The following are the top app store alternatives available in China:

  1. Tencent
  2. Baidu Mobile Assistant
  3. 360 Mobile Assistant
  4. Xiaomi App Store
  5. Huawei

Above are the best app store used by smartphone users in China.

The rapid growth of the app usage in the Chinese market with higher app economy is luring a large number of developers. With the recent stats, China is the topmost performer in the app world.

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