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Will Zero Application Interface Dominate The Mobile App World?

Zero UI is providing the ways people can utilize to interact with machines in abstract ways.

Will Zero Application Interface Dominate The Mobile App World?

Mobile application success or its functionality is highly influenced by the mobile user interface (MUI). The recent innovative additions to the tech world such as wearable devices, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT are taking the MUI to an all-new level.

Zero mobile UI is the result of all these new innovations that are effectively making it possible for people to interact directly with machines instead of their smartphones' interfaces. As the best examples, you can consider Google Assistant, Apple's Siri, Amazon Echo and many other products that only require the users' command to perform the action. All you need to give a command like "Call Mom" or "Play Hip-hop Song" and you'll get the results right on your screen. 

These built-in features in smartphones advance mobile usability factors and simultaneously eliminating the need for navigating the interface to get the task done. 

Let's learn what else zero app UI has to offer to the mobile world:

Have a look at some trends that may be the future of MUI

1. Manage and use apps with a smarter way

Android and Apple app stores are filled with millions of applications competing to get download and stay longer in users' mobile. Surveys have proven that a user spends half of its time on their favorite apps. 

Users are now shifting towards smarter apps having new technology to assist the user in many aspects. Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana or other AI technologies that are the major breakthrough for mobile app development. Applications support voice control and compatible with these technologies are easy to access, manage and handle by the user.

2. Messaging App’s rapid growth

In recent years messaging applications have taken the top position in the application world. Messaging applications like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Snapchat and are among the top 5 popular apps with most active users, there is no doubt these apps are highly engaging.

And now, these mobile applications not only serve the medium of one-to-one communication but also enable users to establish fun chatting using advanced clipart, emoticons, AI face features. Apart from this, messaging apps provide encrypted conversations to strengthen their trust in emerging UI technologies. 

3. Notification: Smarter Interaction

Push notification is a quickly accepted technique that needs to be adopted by mobile app marketers to promote app associated services. Alerting the user at the time of need and delivering him the specific and relevant information quickly without the actual app interaction. This feature is the best way of app interaction as it gathers the information about the user and notifies him regarding interested data.

Push notifications by an app can be thrown by knowing the user's location, time and his/her actual needs. As this trend is continuously advancing in mobile app development they need to directly interact with the app will be diminished.

What Next?

MUI continues to change every day with all the above-mentioned stupendous technologies and innovations. The mobile app development sector is working to integrate the advanced technology with the mobile application to please the user and provide them the best MUI.

These trends and upcoming advancements in mobile app technology and will shape the MUI with less interaction and more functionality. 

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