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Best Selfie Apps for Clicking and Editing Photos

Selfie apps to must try Selfie Apps for Clicking and Editing Photos

These days, you will come across a barrage of selfies on Facebook, Instagram or twitter as a large number of people love posting their selfies. Sensing this need, mobile phones are now coming with a good quality camera so that amazing pictures can be clicked even in low light, but the bitter truth is that these phones come with a hefty price tag. Hence, this arises the need for millions of selfie apps.

Nowadays, Apple App Store and Google's Play Store includes several apps which are perfect for enhancing selfies. However, the toughest thing is to find an app that is perfect for you. Apparently, there are different requirements while taking a selfie and thus, consider your needs and find the one that suits you better.

Some Marvelous Selfie Camera Apps for Android and iOS

Beauty Plus

This mobile app comes with some amazing features such as erase blemishes, brighten eye, smoothens skin, edit eye color and brighten the eye etc. In addition, the app includes beautiful filters and several special effects and with the latest update, the app can also add the necessary make-up filters on the selfie. It allows to add a perfect lip color and with the help of a magic brush you can make the image more clearer and brighter. Apart from editing the photo, you can click selfies with a selfie-timer and videos.

Candy Camera

The app has a silent camera, allowing users to take their selfies without any photo capture sound and due to this no one will be able to know that you are taking any photo. Candy Camera comprises of features like concealer, blush, lipstick, mascara and eyeliner. With numerous occasion and season stickers, users can easily decorate their images. The app includes a wide assortment of filters which the app user can use to brighten and smoothen the skin. Hence, it has been marked as the editor's choice app the Google Play Store.

BestMe Selfie Camera

Available for both Android and iOS, the app is considered as best choice for selfie lovers as there are approximately 125 real-time filters, which a user can choose as per his or her requirements. The app can make mirror images and has distinct halo filters. It also has a face recognition feature, stickers and emojis which can be used on the pictures to make it more appealing.

Youcam Perfect

The best thing about this app is that it gets updated with every festival and due to this, app users can decorate their selfies with the upcoming festivals. Christmas is just around the corner and thus, the app has been updated with innumerable frames, Christmas themed stickers and Santa stickers etc. It also offers real-time filters effects so as to remove all the flaws and by using this app, users can use fun scene, grid or collage for their photos. Furthermore, you can find the latest trends in style, fashion and makeup for your selfies.


There are some various photos as well as video filters available in order to beautify the photo. The app enables the users to form their own album with their friends so that photos and videos can be shared there. Retrica helps in creating GIFs, which can be shared on social media with just a click. These are some wonderful selfie apps for both Android and iOS, allowing you to beautify your selfies in a hassle-free manner.

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