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Nationwide said that the app has mutilayer of security

Mobile App published date 28th May, 2018 James Lawson

Mobile Banking: Nationwide-Britain’s biggest building society has created a prototype inside a Mobile Banking App that will be able to provide an extra layer of security known as ‘Behavioural Biometrics’.

This technology works by recognizing the way a person holds, swipes or types into their Mobile device. Each person has a unique pattern of interacting with their Smart Phones or Tablets and each person is given a percentage score based on this. In order to use the App, there needs to be a percentile match with the user.

Life is becoming extremely complicated with each passing day due to the increasing number of passwords one has to remember. This very problem has resulted in an innovation in Mobile Banking by Nationwide. The prototype though in its early stages of development, is set to be used with an additional layer of protection along with pins, passwords, fingerprints and voice recognition. Presently, payments made using an App are being authenticated using this technology as extra security but eventually it could be used on par with other security measures. There is even a possibility of ‘Behavioural Bio metrics’ to be used in place of standard security measures but for the present moment they have been perceived as extra security.

Mobile Banking mobile security

Nationwide’s ‘Innovation Team’ in partnership with BehavioSec and Unisys are currently developing this technology. Nationwide conducted a survey in which 7 out of 10 people said that they have clicked on the ‘Forgot Password’ button at least twice a month. Another research by Nationwide revealed that an average UK adult has to remember at least 6 different passwords and one out of four people has to remember more than 10. With this prototype, the future of banking security is bright. Facial and Retinal scanners might be embedded into banking due to the sheer inconvenience caused by innumerable passwords.

James Lawson

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