Amanda Spann And Sheena Allen - New CXO's of Alchomy App

Meet Amanda Spann and Sheena Allen- CXO

Amanda Spann and Sheena Allen: They did it!

Mobile App published date 25th May, 2018 Eric Jones

Alchomy: It isn’t always you find two young black women breaking the glass ceiling and entering a space that has been dominated by men and creating a space for themselves. All across the world, start-up conferences are dominated by men and the maximum amount of venture funding is cornered by men.

Even regulatory push to foster women entrepreneurship hasn’t really made much of a difference as women are not yet taking their decision’s themselves and it is the men who take all their life decisions on their life. Be it career, marriage, and child-birth, women are heavily dependent on men for such decisions. Starting a business is a long shot and requires real mental toughness and nerves of steel.

Amanda Spann and Sheena Allen: They Did It!

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Conviction and firm faith in one’s abilities is what drove both these young twenty something black women to create Alchomy –which is not just an app but an ecosystem or should we say, a vibrant community for sharing, saving and recommending adult beverages. Finding drinks by taste and location on an overseas trip is a breeze as information has been curated in such a manner so that the right drinks find you. There is no better way to define this app.

Not To Be Confused As Just Another Mixology App: Please!

Alchomy has been conceived as the ultimate drinking resource-all else is secondary. If mankind ever built a digital concierge for helping people get tailored made suggestions for their drinking tastes, Alchomy would fit the bill perfectly. And that is a large market to cater to, if you analyze the numbers and are good at number crunching.

Media has been kind to the founders and there has been a lot of buzz generated about this app. Events conducted to promote this app have received the right response from the local community and there is a lot of talk on social media about this hot new thing in town that blends technology and the expertise of a sommelier in one app.

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Solving Real Life Problems is Their Priority

Yes, these two young women have got their focus very right and have hit the head on the nail by solving real world problems cocktail enthusiasts face like:

1. Finding the right drink for their mood from a repertoire of 16000 cocktail recipes.

2. Searching for the right bar that can offer such a drink at the right price. 3. Know what others are consuming in bars having the right ambience 4. Spotting the location of the best bars on an outstation trip 5. Sharing Information with friends about the best beverages in town.

Technology, as they say is an enabler, and these women have got both marketing and technology right while conceptualizing the alchomy ecosystem. Though it is the social media buzz that is driving downloads but the real push to alchomy is coming from the thought leadership being offered by Amanda Spann and Sheena Allen that is in reality the real driving force  that is fueling every vein of this ecosystem.

Cheers to their spirit!

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