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Milton Keynes Launches New Intu App for Localities

The new M.K. citizen mobile app

Mobile App published date 25th May, 2018 James Lawson

Intu App: In this fast-paced world, customers are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile phones. Whether they are using phones, or any other mobile devices, they contain all contain every information you need.

AVAIL DAILY UPDATES:-  The new M.K.citizen mobile app is now available for download for all the users. The app gives a variety of news including breaking news and other daily updates that you can easily read in your mobile format. There are many different sections which are included which cater to the needs of several age groups like crime, politics, business, health etc.

CLEAR PRESENTATION OF INFORMATION:- Under the Milton Keynes citizen site you can surf through many other categories apart from the above-mentioned ones.

These include e-editions, premiere events, upcoming holidays, videos, public notices, interesting pictures from galleries and other live blogs.

The subheading for each section and the manner of presentation is quite good. It is written on the site in such a way that it can be easily comprehended by the normal user.

ONLINE PUBLICATION:- Milton Keynes has also launched online publication where you can read the most latest and digitized publications of all the supplements.

Archives can also be accessed to find any past articles and advertisers. Breaking news can be followed   on the live blog.

Intu App

An information app had been launched for the residents living in Rother where the residents will be able to access information regarding local news, events, planning applications, food premises, hygiene and road closures etc.

This is one of the biggest pilot programmes having accomplished great success where more than 20000 residents can sign up for accessing all kinds of information. You can   get the information digitally rather than receiving it with the help of traditional means like calling, video calling on the app etc.

M.K.  APPLICATION:- M.K. app which was launched in 2010 was launched by destination M.K. and 4 x design and multimedia to discover information about eating out in the city, accommodation and living and all the forthcoming events.

People can view information on news, different planning applications to take full advantage of one click reporting for council services. Information can be accessed on local transport links.

THE NAVIGATION APP:- Another app which has been launched by INTU Milton Keynes is the navigation app where the shopper will be able to save their time, efforts and energy as it proved in-centre navigation with different directions and maps.

“Intu” is basically a leading owner of many branded shops in the UK where it’s creating a super dynamic shopping experience and bringing physical and digital shopping experience closer and much more enchanting.

The citizen mobile 'Intu App' gives push notifications to your mobile app when there is any happening or breaking news round the country.

Before this, M.K. design based and the multimedia company delivers detailed and thorough information about things like shopping, attractions, travel and other upcoming events to your phone. You can search your own favorite searches and venues using GPS system from your iPhones using the Intu App.

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