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Mobile Payments Take The Next Leap of Faith in Houston!

It’s a boon for those running late

technology published date 25th May, 2018 Joshua Anderson

Houston: Correct. You read it right. Mobile payments have gone one-step higher in the car-centric metropolis of Houston.

The currency was developed a long time ago but it is now getting obliterated as both developed and developing economies leverage the power of mobile, the internet and Bluetooth technologies to do business in more ways than one. You may forget your wallet but you never forget your mobile is the underlying assumption behind this step.

It’s a Boon For Those Running Late

With mobile apps all set to rule the world, this is a step in the right direction which will help consumers save time, money and energy. Especially, if you are late, this system will help you board your train instantly. And even your shuttle ticket can be booked online through this app. All you need to do is:

- Download the app to your phone

- Create an account, load money with credit/debit card or PayPal

- Start using your smart-phone to pay for bus and rail rides

- Say goodbye to Q-cards or cash.

Advantages That This System Brings!

Tickets purchased through this system are valid for three hours and cove free transfers in all directions. Even multiple riders can book tickets on one phone and can show the activated ticket as proof of purchase.

- This mobile fare card system is a lot better than widening roads as it puts more people on public transport something, which is a dire necessity all across the globe.

- Public money or the taxpayer’s hard earned money can be diverted to buying more train coaches and buses, instead of widening 8 lane roads to 26 lane roads.

- Pollution will be less, accidents will be fewer and highway car-jacking incidents coupled with car-breakdowns and deaths to overload, over-speeding or drunken driving will come down to zero.Houston

Changing The City’s Landscape One Step at a Time

This system will bring in more domestic and international tourists who otherwise feel lost in the system of purchasing tickets and rather stay away from the city or congest the city more with hired taxis.

- This is true of almost all cities in the world where there is a metro-rail system and tourists have to go through a learning curving wasting a lot of time and energy. And they tell their folks back home about the bad time they had.

- Instant rail fare booking through this app will eliminate the hassle of scrambling for change, waiting in long queues and wasting precious company time, and even lead to missing your train at the appointed time.

- The company GlobeSherpa that has developed this app-based system operates in nine other cities but Houston is one of its most important markets as it is one of the largest, most rapidly growing automobile-dependent cities in North America.

- Assisted with advanced GPS navigation facilities, this system helps users find the shortest route to any given destination and then book tickets also for the same on the app.

So, if you are visiting Houston, make sure you load this app on your mobile for a hassle-free commute.

Happy Journey!

Joshua Anderson

Joshua Anderson

Joshua is a writer at MobileAppDaily and also works as a reporter for the team to keep our readers up to date. He is breaking the mobile app technology news for MobileAppDialy since 2016 and has more than 4 years of experience as a tech blogger.

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