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Policing Gets One Step Better in Austin With a New Crime Reporting App!

No police force in the world can succeed without actionable and accurate local intelligence

Mobile App published date 25th May, 2018 Eric Jones

All over the world, it has been observed that policing gets one step better by leveraging technology and science to full effect. Although police officers need to rely on their gut feel and intuition to understand a criminal’s mind but in most situations technology helps make their task easier. Even though criminals have got wings with the advent of the internet and globalization of crime has happened but that does not mean that the law won’t catch up with them.

No Police Force Works Without Local Intelligence

Yes, this is cent percent correct. No police force in the world can succeed without actionable and accurate local intelligence. Obtaining this is no mean task and the police force needs to be responsive and in sync with the pulse of the people so that they can put in place systems, processes and procedures which can prevent crime or catch criminals each time they commit an act. It is the surety of punishment and not the severity of punishment that proves to be the ultimate deterrent for street crime.

Mobile App for Non Emergency Reporting

Yes, the Austin police in order to get closer to the people and obtain real-time information about non-emergency issues have launched an app on the App & Play store.

Through this app people can report crime without actually making multiple trips or calls to the police-station and can even report for a crime, if they are witness to any such incident.

In order to accomplish this objective of launching a mobile app, the Austin police department partnered with a start-up MobilePD to develop this application at a cost of 11,200 dollars each year.

Work began on this application in the early part of 2015 and after eleven months of pain-staking effort, the app was ready to be launched across all mobile platforms.

Women, will benefit the most as they can report incidents of eve-teasing, stalking, cyber crime, chain snatching, pick-pocketing and even obtain help if they are stranded at an odd hour.

Transparency is going to shoot up between the community and the police force as top officials can get to know the real scenario in any location and whether or not any crime figures have been suppressed or where street crime has gone unreported.

People will be more willing to come out with complaints rather than solving it among themselves using orthodox methods.

Although 9-1-1 as an emergency number will still stay and there is a box in the app for that and currently, Austin PD is free in all app, play store and has been rated as quite “neighbourhood centric” and useful by app-reviewers in the city.

More accolades are in store as people start downloading the app and using it for better access to law enforcement agencies.


Such apps and policing initiatives are the need of the hour all across the world, especially in developing countries where policing has to improve a lot and the criminal-justice system has to be obfuscated to create an equitable and just society.

Eric Jones

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