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Nintendo Launches Its First Ever Mobile App

Successfully launched its first smartphone application

Mobile App published date 25th May, 2018 Joshua Anderson

Nintendo's Miitomo has been launched recently and is paving its way to be launched as debut app in the other markets as well. It is exclusively a social application and in the very first glance, looks eccentric for a company which is known for games. For the time being, this application is only accessible to the users of Japan.


This app is entirely a social and interactive app whereby users can create different kinds of avatars which they like to. It is not very similar to Mario game but basically creation of avatars. These avatars are called as which can be customized and personalized as per the user’s will.

One can change the personality, hair dressing and outfit according to one’s tastes and preferences. It is quite an interesting and spellbinding app.

You can pre-register for the same by making the NINTENDO account service. MITTOMO bonus shall be provided to those users who create an account with it between 17th February to march.


MITTOMO encompasses many “Miis” characters that shall provide a very entertaining and an interactive experience for the users.

One can click pictures and shoot videos with such kind of engrossing avatars. You can ask several ranges of fun deriving questions and get answers to the same. Nintendo is a more comprehensive service which gives users for interacting and communicating with several products of NINTENDO in a very fun and creative kind of a way.

"MIITOMO" users can further enhance their experience by maintaining a Nintendo account.

It is planning to release approximately five smart devices applications by the end of this month.



Another enticing feature of “MIITOMO” is that Mii characters can also be created by talking a selfie from the front camera of the phone. It is then transformed into “Mii” character that really looks interesting for the users.

You can provide answers to multifarious questions asked by “Mii” character and these answers can further be shared amongst your friends.

You can become popular with your answers amidst your friends too. A fully fledged and an elaborate wardrobe can be created whereby you can keep special costumes for your avatar.

You can also add many new friends apart from interaction with each other using “Mii” characters itself. This can be done by adding friends based on twitter and facebook accounts.


In “MIITOMO” you can also take advantage of small little in-game shops for buying a different kind of outfits for your avatars. The app will ask you several kinds of questions or a set of different questions by logging in each day, and you can earn coins with the help of this. You can also buy them for real world cash too.

It could be a part of a larger strategy that NINTENDO would be launched in other countries quite soon and it shall serve as a foundation for global companies. It can socialize and spend the money outside the company games.

Joshua Anderson

Joshua Anderson

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