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MyShake App: Earthquake Alert Tool to Keep You Safe

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Mobile App published date 24th May, 2018 Joshua Anderson

Earthquake Alert Tool (MyShake):

Researchers and seismologist have been working hard been over a long time to develop an earthquake alert tool which could give warning before an earthquake occurs. Japan is having one of such warning system since 2007. However such system is and will be available only with the expert seismologist, and once they get warning through their system, it will be their responsibility to spread the message with the population. In an emergency situation when they receive the warnings just 2-3 minutes prior to the impending quake, they won’t be able to reach out the masses, and may not be able to save several lives.

Earthquake Alert Tool

But a team of researchers from the University of California has developed an android app which will be available to use for the common man, this app is capable of turning your smartphone into a seismometer right inside your pocket. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? But these guys have done this job already with an app called as MyShake. Below we have listed the impact and benefits of MyShake App;

  1. Powerful Environment Capture Ability

MyShake comes with a powerful ability to capture what’s going around your environment and silently records the activities. If it founds any unusual like a minor earthquake, it will note the movements happening and forward the seismic activity details to the team of researchers behind it.

  1. Early Warning to Save Lives

MyShake has been designed keeping early warning to earthquakes in mind. Since any delay may cause huge loss of wealth and lives. It creates a kind of giant and distributed network which use the information provided by several other similar devices and strengthen the few early warning systems available around the world.

  1. Use of common sensors

MyShake makes use of very common sensors available on all smartphones like accelerometers. You can get this freely from the play store. No hassle in installation and comes with automatic updates to keep you updated with more benefits to come in future.

  1. Consumes less battery

Though this app needs to run continuously in the background, it was supposed to consume more battery, however, this app has been fully optimized to lower the battery usage and you will need to charge your phone just like your common practice.

  1. Provides full insights

Whenever you will plug in your device on will be in Wi-Fi network, this app will provide more detailed and brief information after detecting any earthquake activity. This information and data can be used for high-level analysis of the cause and impact of the earthquake.

  1. Advanced 3D Data

Since this app needs to communicate with the other phones using a similar app, once they a Communication Bridge is created between them, this app can provide data record even in 3D format in a situation like several number of people are running this app in the same building simultaneously.

This Earthquake Alert Tool is really a future of all the seismic systems, and with its capability to deliver the alerts for the regions having a little traditional seismic system, like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Indonesia. This app proved itself beneficial for all mankind, and we are expecting the team to come up with a more powerful solution in near future with their efforts.

Joshua Anderson

Joshua Anderson

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