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MyShake App for Early Detection of Earth Quake

App warned the user about pyential earthquake

Mobile App published date 24th May, 2018 Eric Jones

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MyShake - In California, researchers and seismologists have been trying hard to build an earthquake cautioning product or system to alert residents a brief heads-up so that they can get prepared for an approaching quake. Since 2007, Japan is using such a warning system for its residents to warn them earlier so that they save maximum losses.

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For building these kinds of systems, specialized equipment is required that can detect earthquakes earlier. What if a Smartphone can do all that? – Because Smartphone is a thing, which everyone carries, every time and could easily help in enhancing these early warning systems. And, that’s the idea behind MyShake app - A new and unique Android app developed from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.

It is an app that can efficiently turn your smartphone and tablet into a pocket-sized seismometer. MyShake App uses your phone’s in-built accelerometer to detect early shaking. And, if it detects consistent patterns of the “vibrational profile” of a quake, then it will add that data about that tremor to Berkeley seismologists for further analysis. According to the MyShake website, MyShake will send the analysed date with the anonymous identity, so being a user you need not to worry for your personal information. Eventually, researchers and seismologists are hoping to leverage this app for early detection of earthquakes at a global level, according to an article that was released on UC Berkeley’s website notes.

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The MyShake team has designed a user-centric app by considering the opportunities of Smartphone in the near future.  According to Richard Allen, the UC Berkeley professor told at Berkeley News, who is overseeing the MyShake project– through this app early earthquake detection and thus warning can be easily given so that more accurate and faster results can be generated especially in the countries that are more sensitive to earthquake. MyShake team also added that - Currently, it is available only in Android version and MyShake team is planning to release its iPhone version, too.

So, it looks like an ingenious idea and a best-in-class use of existing technology. If by using this app, people can be alerted even a few minutes back, then also it can prove to be a potential platform for saving lives.  Presently, users can download this free app on Google Play.

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