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Ride Sharing Company Carpool Arabia Launches An App

Carpool Arabia launches an app

Mobile App published date 19th February, 2018 James Lawson

Recently, a ride-sharing Dubai-based company, Carpool Arabia launched its first user-centric mobile app for enabling carpooling services in the emirate. During the first month, more than 2,000 users installed the app, which adds to its success in enabling quick, reliable and safe shared communication/transport to travellers in the country.

Carpool Arabia

Technology is shifting at a very rapid rate, thus users are shifting from desktop to smartphones. And, due to rapid technological advancements and increasing popularity of SmartPhones, mobile apps are increasing at a very fast rate. A lot of businesses are leveraging this huge potential and Carpool Arabia is also among them. This is an app, which is developed for iOS and Android devices. Through carpool Arabia, company is taking strategic initiative to cut down carbon radiations by minimizing the number of cars on the road while providing better services to the commuters while the go.

Benjamin de Terssac, founder and chief driver of Carpool Arabia, in an interview said that - Carpool Arabia app is aimed to reduce carbon emissions and will contribute to minimize the traffic congestion and provide a viable option to thousands of users, which in turn will make transport easy and convenient every day. He also added that - We are awfully surprised by the interest level that has been generated through the app in the first month only. This app has shown new and viable transportation solutions in the all across the UAE. And, let’s hope through Carpool Arabia, we will be able contribute to the initiative of transforming Dubai into one of the smartest cities in the world.

Carpool Arabia is innovative and eco-friendly app, which is helping the initiative to make UAE cities decongest and create a strong connection between the public transportation and already existing apps including Careem and Uber. Through this app, commuters can also save money because on an average carpooling is four times cost-effective than hiring a cab. It connects the citizen drivers (nicknamed as 'buddies') and commuters, who are sharing the same route.  Being a free app, it is gaining a huge popularity among commuters and citizen drivers, thus enabling easy, reliable, safe commutation at cost-effective prices.

Additionally, in the next updates, drivers and passengers have an option to rate each other, once the ride gets completed, thus, enabling contributors to build a strong social trust and earn valuable connections. In this app, the drivers have an option to either decline or accept the ride anonymously anywhere, at any time on a click of a button only. To make it easily available and easy accessible, the app will only allow users, who are within a radius of 10-minute from each other, thus, creating a 'buddy list' of impending drivers for commuters to select from. According to Alexandre Hawari, founder and chief executive officer, Mediaquest Corp, a co-investor of Carpool Arabia – Being a ground-breaking innovation in the era of public transport for the UAE, the launch of Carpool Arabia has emerged as a pioneering solution to its users. According to TradeArabia News Service – Carpool Arabia is a best-in-class and modern-day solution for a city like Dubai. To make it user-friendly and customer-centric, the app is secure, simple, quick and highly responsive, thus creating a strong connection between public transport and commuters only at a fingertips.

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