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Kolkata Police Fighting Crime with Mobile Apps

Use mobile app to ask for help from Kolkat Police

Mobile App published date 10th February, 2018 Ariana Johnson

Kolkata Police: As we all know that mobile apps are revolutionizing every industry. And so is the case with security apps. When we talk about using mobile apps, public safety agencies and police departments are also exploring this emerging technology. By leveraging this pioneering technology, public security agencies and police departments are aiming to meet the key security challenges and reach the public easily— through their notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Take the Kolkata Police Department in India, which is all set to launch a user-centric mobile app that will enable investigating officers to access the past records of criminals easily. Kolkata Police App

Santosh Pandey, commissioner, south suburban division is heading a team of policemen and is also assisting team of proficient IT and forensic experts to develop a user-centric app. The Kolkata police app will most probably be called Mobile Watch (M-Watch). Currently, when the Kolkata police receive any information or details about physical aspects, features or gesture of a suspect or description of victims especially from the crime spot, they need to visit Lalbazar or the divisional headquarters to find the right match. Santosh Pandey told Times of India (TOI) that - “This invariably leads to a huge loss of time. For the new app, extensive information on men and women already arrested, including details of their physical appearances, languages spoken by them, their area of operation and even the manner in which they conducted themselves during a crime, will be regularly fed into the system.” By using this app, after getting the information about the suspect from the victim or witnesses, the inspecting officer can easily log in with his/her ID by using the smartphone and get the access of all the required details and scan all the possible suspects and that too without any delay. Mobile watch will be so well-designed and accurate that even a minute information like the depiction of the criminal’s eyes colour, or the language in which the criminal communicates, will be sufficient to show the possible matches. Even if the new criminals are not enclosed in this app, then also it will be efficient for locating the right suspects who have the past records. As of now, the team that is building the app is focussing on adding the maximum information of the background of criminals into the app with the help of the investigating team in its trial phase. In order to test the app, the investigating team is trying solve two robbery cases. This app will be given to all the investigating officers of the city. They will be able to download the app on their Smartphones once the trial is done successfully. Moreover, in the next phase, the investigating team together with the IT team is planning to add more advance and user-centric features like introduce biometric. This feature will enable investigating office to match suspect’s fingerprint on their Smartphones. They just need to place the suspect’s fingertips on the rectangular scanner and the app will go-through the national database to alert if there is a right match. Another pioneering feature that will ease policemen work is photo match from the huge pile of database. The officer just have to take a suspect’s photo and the software will analyse about 130 points on the face including distance between the eyes and nose, and thoroughly scan the national database for finding the right matches.

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Ariana Johnson

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