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Swachh Bharat Mission to get official mobile app

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Mobile App published date 4th May, 2018 James Lawson

Swachh Bharat Mission:

The Ministry of Urban Development together with NGO ‘Janaagraha’ Centre for Citizenship has taken initiative to develop a mobile app. And, by this April they are planning to get that app live. The new mobile app called ‘Swachh City Solutions’ is aimed to target citizens, engineers and municipal bodies. It is basically being developed to support the Swachh Bharat Mission that Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched in 2014.

Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was contracted between the Indian Ministry and the NGO (a Bengaluru-based) to release this new Swachh Bharat Mission app. According to Praveen Prakash, Joint Secretary, Mission Director and Ministry of Urban Development, Swachh Bharat Mission - “By using this app, the Indian government is empowering the citizens with a ground-breaking platform so that they can express their challenges regarding cleanliness in their areas so that a better community participation can be built and cleanliness in their cities can be maintained.” He also added that - “Swachh Bharat Mission app is an initiative for municipal officials and field engineers, too. They can easily go through each and every complaint and swiftly update the resolution status along with the photos, thus, building liability in the system and ensuring on-time meeting the issues.”

The app ensures on-time and proficient execution of the Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) goals in 4,041 constitutional towns all across India. Additionally, it is developed to enable citizens with a tool that can easily post complaints and will allow municipalities to meet citizen challenges.

Swachh Bharat Mission app propelling the vision of a cleaner India

Swachh Bharat Mission app will help citizens in easily viewing complaints and posts that are being shared nearby and enable them to show support by ‘Voting up’ on numerous existing and new related complaints. Additionally, this mobile app is expected to bring more active community participation and quicker complaint resolution. According to Sylvia Veeraraghavan, co-ordinator — Jana Online, Janaagraha, “By this app, we have taken an initiative to enable all the citizens actively participate in achieving the dream of a Swachh Bharat”.  Moreover, he added that - “This initiative will help meeting the civic challenges, thus, enabling citizens to get cleaner and safer India. Let’s hope that under the guidance of MoUD, the tenacity of complaints will be higher. Thus, Swachh Bharat will prove to be a big step towards a cleaner and Swachh India.”

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Previously, Janaagraha developed various mobile apps including IChangeMyCity. Now, they are planning to develop a citizens’ dashboard to help the Ministry, municipal commissioners & officials in easily reviewing the complaints progress resolutions and analyse the status. Moreover, Swachh bharat Mission app is designed considering all the essential requirements of users including users can give their feedback on the resolution of the complaint. Thus, it is empowering its users to closely monitor and give their feedbacks, thus propelling the vision of the Swachh Bharat Mission, which aims to make a clean and garbage-free India by 2019.

The development of the new Swachh Bharat Mission app is planned one month after the Government of Delhi launched PWD Swachh Delhi app. It’s an app that was launched by Public Works Department (PWD) in the capital city, Delhi, which is available on Android platform for free download.

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