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SocialPeta Review - An Intelligent Tool for Business Insights

Collecting smart ad insights has become simple now!

SocialPeta review

SocialPeta is a smart Ad intelligence and ECOM intelligence tool designed to empower businesses of all sizes. The tool uses smart algorithms to target competitors to gather the necessary information like their ad strategies, top networks, publishers, advertisers, and more. The organized ad data collected from other companies through the ad intelligence software helps SocialPeta users in identifying applied ad trends. The data is useful for users to frame effective business decisions. 

In this blog, we have decided to enlist the key features of this ad intelligence tool. Later on, we will rate this ad intelligence software from different perspectives and conclude this SocialPeta review. If you are curious to know everything about this ad intelligence tool, stay with us until the end of this blog.

Introduction to the Founders of SocialPeta

- Founders of SocialPeta

SocialPeta is co-developed by two geniuses Rocks Xu, founder and CEO at SocialPeta, and Charlie Cao, co-founder and  business development director of SocialPeta. 

  • Rocks Xu specializes in data engineering and big data processing. Previously, he has also worked with companies like Samsung Electronics and Google.
  • Charlie Cao specializes in sales and marketing-based roles. He has worked as a marketing specialist for FiberHome Argentina S.A. and a former key account manager of China Mobile International Limited.

Features of SocialPeta

Proceeding further, we are throwing some light on the features of SocialPeta to give you an idea that how this ads intelligence marketing platform can benefit your businesses. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Monitor competitors' ad data‎


One of the most crucial features of this ads intelligence marketing tool includes the ability to monitor the competitors’ marketing data. The tool includes advertisers’ data of more than 5 million organizations from all over the world. Graphs, texts, networks, and other types of data are provided so you can have clear insights into the competitors’ advertising strategies.

2. Get insights into what’s selling

SocialPeta review

If you are into the e-commerce segment, you can benefit from the ECOM Intelligence tools SocialPeta offers. These tools can help you in monitoring top ads and products by providing you with the data extracted from top e-commerce portals like Amazon, Shopify, Wish, Aliexpress, and more. The tool includes data for over 270 million products with 50 million products being updated every day. 

3. Tons of updated ad data from all over the world

ads intelligence

With SocialPeta, you can get insights into top networks and their updated advertisement strategies. SocialPeta helps you in accessing useful business data from 69 countries, 70 mainstream networks, and 1.2 billion creative materials. The ad intelligence tool also updates the data in real-time.

4. Ad costs insights

ad intelligence tool

To get insights into top networks’ advertising costs, SocialPeta has some amazing ad cost analysis tools. These top ads creatives intelligence tools provide data such as CPM, CPC, and KD. Moreover, you can also get in-depth CPA analyses such as achievements, activities, and more. 

Pros and cons of the SocialPeta tool

SocialPeta tool is an amazing marketing companion for businesses from all across the globe. However, to ensure the real authenticity of the software, it is crucial to be aware of the negative points, if any, it comes with. So, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the SocialPeta ad intelligence tool.

Pros of SocialPeta

  • Includes free trials
  • Data is updated in the real-time
  • Access to advertising data from 69 countries
  • Graphs, texts, and other formats of the data are available

Cons of SocialPeta

  • The website does not include pricing data

Accolades and awards

MAD Rating

Security - 4.7
Features - 4.8
Navigation - 4.5
Pricing - 4.2

Wrapping Up

Well, these were the features that influenced us to look into the SocialPeta software in-depth. After going through its features, undoubtedly, SocialPeta takes the cup as one of the best marketing companion tools any enterprise can adopt. The top ads creatives intelligence tool has all the required features to help businesses in increasing their ROIs by making the right business decisions. 

In the end, hopefully, you found this SocialPeta review useful. If you own such software as well, you can reach out to MobileAppDaily to get your products reviewed. If your product is up to the mark, a review by MobileAppDaily experts can help it be visible to millions of tech readers of the site from all over the world.

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