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Twitter is Coming up With 24/7 Live Video Streaming Update 11th May, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

We are totally surrounded by the digital services and they have integrated into our life. social media is now taking over our life and have very powerful influence over us. Social media giants like facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are continuously coming up with new tactics to acquire maximum user engagement. The Same way Twitter is also set to introduce 24*7 video stream feature on its platform. .....Read More

Top Gaming Apps to Give a Try in 2016 Update 22nd March, 2016 by Eric Jones

Having a collection of top interactive gaming apps can probably be one of the finest options for your device. Whether you are looking to set up a small scale business or having an idea to set up a big organization, one can surely benefit from such gaming apps. Now-a-days, new gaming apps have been developed for the year 2016. You can also go for multifarious personalization options regarding suc.....Read More

How To Use Hidden Game of Thrones Snapchat Filter with The Secret Snapcode Update 11th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

There is nothing impossible over the social media, you can connect to millions of people and make something go viral. What is more amazing that getting yourself turn into one of your favorite tv series characters, HBO is doing something like this, Game of Thrones new season is just days away from now and the entertainment channel is creating the hype. HBO launched a White Walker filter on Snapchat.....Read More

How Uber Drivers are Tricking The Company’s System To Make Profit Update 3rd August, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Uber is growing well and expanding its services in many new regions across the globe. But, there is something that needs to be known, you are being cheated in terms of payment, not by Uber but some of its drivers. According to the latest study, some of the drivers from the U.K. and U.S. ditched the Uber system in order to make the customer pay more. These drivers use the Uber algorithms smartly.....Read More

Useful Apps for Busy Executives to Work with Ease Update 24th November, 2016 by James Lawson

Sometimes, it is very difficult for an executive to complete all the tasks of his or her to-do list. An executive is seen juggling a lot of things which includes team management and project performance etc. In most of the cases, it is seen that such days come around very often and thus, for an executive there is a need for him to use technology in order to organize his business life. There are num.....Read More

Uber Added Tipping Option To Let the Customer Give Some Extra To The Driver Update 17th July, 2017 by James Lawson

The  carpooling giant Uber seems to make some change in its app and the services in the coming time. The company started with the tipping options for the riders. Have you ever tipped your driver after the ride , when you feel like giving some extra for his well behave and excellent driving. Now Uber integrated the option of tipping to the Uber drivers with a single click . The company enro.....Read More

Apple Buys Sleep-Tracking Device Manufacturer; Beddit Update 15th May, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

Technology has changed the definition of innovations that we are using quite some time. It is proven that smartphones have limitless application in almost every sector with the regular evolution of the mobile app technology. Not only smartphones, wearable devices have taken our expectation to a whole new level. Apple has already introduced its wearable devices in the market including Apple watc.....Read More

A Deep Insight Into Mobile App Development Trends for 2017 Update 12th January, 2017 by Eric Jones

In this technology-driven world, mobile applications have become the crucial part of everyone's life. Nowadays, people are showing a lot of dependencies on well-developed apps for satisfying daily needs and for satisfying numerous business requirements. This has also increased the demand for mobile apps to a great extent. Hence, there is a rapid increase in the number of mobile apps. Today, you wi.....Read More

Google Hangouts: All Hangout Apps Will be Terminated After 25th April By Google Update 13th April, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Highlights Google Announces the termination of all Hangout supports. Consumer-facing hangouts will stop functioning from 25th April. Google divides the Hangouts into two sections viz. Meet and Chat. Enterprise apps like slack will continue to work without any worry. Deep insight According to recent mobile app  technology news tech, giant Google made it clear earlier it will go to d.....Read More

Know Growth Hacking For Your Mobile App To Increase Downloads Update 18th January, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

A smartphone app is very advantageous for your business irrespective of its size as it gives an easy way to showcase your products and services to your customers. Apps for your mobile device have the benefit of using features of mobile device such as camera, accelerometer, compass and GPS to name a few. There are many people who think that once the app is developed, the work is over, but in realit.....Read More

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