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Audience Measurement App: Divulged By Verto Analytics Update 30th March, 2016 by Joshua Anderson

Verto Analytics: Verto Analytics is one of the front runners in providing a digital measurement of media. It runs multi screen. The main aim is to provide the best practices of research and marketing so that recent and innovative mobile technologies can be provided to all the clients. The main motive is to provide the clients the precise and high-quality data across the world among the entire plat.....Read More

Diamond Bank Mobile App Users Surpassed 1M Update 28th March, 2016 by James Lawson

Diamond bank: Diamond app is one of the securest ways to do banking. Mr Uzoma Dozie, CEO of Diamond Bank has revealed that the financial institution has reached a million mark for registered users of its mobile app. Diamond Bank has further raised its venture in the competition for digital innovation in financial services. As the leader in the revolution of banking services in the content of A.....Read More

Top Gaming Apps to Give a Try in 2016 Update 22nd March, 2016 by Eric Jones

Having a collection of top interactive gaming apps can probably be one of the finest options for your device. Whether you are looking to set up a small scale business or having an idea to set up a big organization, one can surely benefit from such gaming apps. Now-a-days, new gaming apps have been developed for the year 2016. You can also go for multifarious personalization options regarding suc.....Read More

MyShake App: Earthquake Alert Tool to Keep You Safe Update 6th March, 2016 by Joshua Anderson

Earthquake Alert Tool (MyShake): Researchers and seismologist have been working hard been over a long time to develop an earthquake alert tool which could give warning before an earthquake occurs. Japan is having one of such warning system since 2007. However such system is and will be available only with the expert seismologist, and once they get warning through their system, it will be their re.....Read More

Make the Switch from Windows to Android Phone by Asking Important Questions Update 2nd March, 2016 by Soumitra Parekh

Smartphone is an indispensable part of life and due to this, people pay a lot of attention while finalizing the phone. The advancement of technology has spoiled people with some marvelous phones offered by Windows, Apple and Android and with a wide assortment of options, most of the people face a lot of confusion while buying their phone. In most of the cases, it is seen that there are many people.....Read More

MyShake App for early detection of Earth Quake Update 23rd February, 2016 by Eric Jones

MyShake - In California, researchers and seismologists have been trying hard to build an earthquake cautioning product or system to alert residents a brief heads-up so that they can get prepared for an approaching quake. Since 2007, Japan is using such a warning system for its residents to warn them earlier so that they save maximum losses. For building these kinds of systems, specialized equipme.....Read More

Ride-sharing Company, Carpool Arabia launches an app Update 19th February, 2016 by James Lawson

Recently, a ride-sharing Dubai-based company, Carpool Arabia launched its first user-centric mobile app for enabling carpooling services in the emirate. During the first month, more than 2,000 users installed the app, which adds to its success in enabling quick, reliable and safe shared communication/transport to travellers in the country. Technology is shifting at a very rapid rate, thus users.....Read More

GoodSAM – an app for cardiac arrest victims Update 17th February, 2016 by Joshua Anderson

Have you ever thought? - If someday you are on the way and your heart stops beating. Then even a minute delay of an ambulance might may result something devastating. To meet this challenge The London Ambulance service has taken an initiative and have started using an app – GoodSAM to upsurge their rate of first response, if cardiac arrest happens. The app allows onlookers, who are witnessing .....Read More

Kolkata Police Fighting Crime with Mobile Apps Update 15th February, 2016 by Soumitra Parekh

Kolkata Police: As we all know that mobile apps are revolutionizing every industry. And so is the case with security apps. When we talk about using mobile apps, public safety agencies and police departments are also exploring this emerging technology. By leveraging this pioneering technology, public security agencies and police departments are aiming to meet the key security challenges and reach .....Read More

Build a Travel App for Better Revenue & Hassle-Free Traveling Update 10th February, 2016 by Eric Jones

Technology is transforming the landscape of all industries and tourism sector is no exception. This is considered as one of the most thriving industries and according to the recent statistic, it is a huge 6.3 trillion dollar industry and now with the advent of travel apps, travelers are no more relying on travel agents for making travel arrangements. This is because with digital tools at hand, peo.....Read More

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