Facebook Announces To Add 'Watch' Tab To Compete Youtube Update 10th August, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Finally, Facebook announces to launch its long time awaited feature “Watch” to premiere the videos and short episodes. Today the company announces the addition of the ‘Watch’ tab on the platform where one can watc.....Read More

Your Instagram Images Can Reveal Whether You Are Dealing With Depression Or Not: Study Says Update 10th August, 2017 by Eric Jones

The researchers have found that the Instagram photos can tell whether the person is suffering from depression. According to a new study, the majority of users reveal if they are depressed via their Instagram photos. Two researchers, Chris Danforth o.....Read More

Facebook Bought an AI Startup oZlo, Just After It Shut Down The AI Program Update 1st August, 2017 by James Lawson

We all know that how much Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg praises the Artificial Intelligence and his efforts to evolve the technology. Recently, Facebook was in news due to the talks over the AI between Mark and Elon Musk following by the plugging out the new AI system by the Facebook. After the Artificial Intelligence chatbots began to deviate from the norma.....Read More

Facebook Kills AI Program When Bots Started To Communicate In Their Own Coded Language Update 31st July, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

The  researchers at the  Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) pulled out an Artificial Intelligence project after it started to communicate in their self-developed coded language.

According to the Read More

WhatsApp Planning To Enhance The Image Sending And Calling Features of The App Update 28th June, 2017 by James Lawson

WhatsApp which started as a just as a chatting application to rival the SMS, now have gone beyond the limitations. The popular chatting app keeps evolving in terms of functionalities and services as well. Now it's the most used chatting app and used to share many contents along with the chatting purpose. It seems the company haven't g.....Read More

Instagram Planning to Give More Authority To the Users With Favourite List Option Update 27th June, 2017 by Eric Jones

The Social Networking apps seem to be in the never ending war of giving innovative features. Recently WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger has given some interesting features to the users. Now Instagram comes up with new addition in the option of pic sharing across the platform. The company is planning to make things much more personal ove.....Read More

SnapChat Added New Location Sharing Feature and Bought Social Mapping App Zenly Update 22nd June, 2017 by Eric Jones

Now Snapchat wants you to share the location where you took the snap in a very interesting way. The social media giant launched its new update in the app to retain the lost interest of users.

The Snapchat named the new feature Snap Map. The feature allows the.....Read More

Instagram Now Enables Sending Links in Direct Messaging Update 21st June, 2017 by James Lawson

Social media giants right now coming up with every possible feature that will help the users and make app more effective. Recently we have witnessed a storm of the updates from the social media apps and it didn't slow down yet . Apps are enrolling more .....Read More

Twitter New Feature is To Filter DM From Unknown Update 2nd June, 2017 by James Lawson

The social media applications seem to not stop enrolling the alluring features for the users. Recently an endless wave of enhancing the service of features via numerous experiment begins. Almost every social media app is putting their new idea on test with the help of beta versions. From Read More

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