Uber Services are Temporarily Ban in Philippines Due to Unauthorized Drivers Update 17th August, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

Uber had to withdraw its services in the Philippines for a month after ban orders issued by  the national regulator's. The ride- hailing giant Uber receives a month ban in the Philippines for not following the instruction of country's authority.

The .....Read More

Google is Giving Billions To Apple To Stay Default Search Option in Apple Devices Update 15th August, 2017 by Eric Jones

Tech giants always keep in a fight to outrun each other in order to increase their market value and provide better services to the users. iPhone maker and the top search engine also have the same relationship, whether it's about the smartphone competition or tech innovation. But, both the companies know each other’s impact and value among the users.....Read More

Uber Rented Car Caught Fire After It Rented Faulty Cars In Singapore Update 11th August, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

The car hailing giant just said that it had taken the appropriate actions to repair the faulty cars it rented out the drivers in Singapore. The company knowingly rented out the fire prone cars to the rivers which were recalled by the makers.

It's about the incident of January when Uber driver Koh Seng Tian a.....Read More

Facebook Announces To Add 'Watch' Tab To Compete Youtube Update 10th August, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Finally, Facebook announces to launch its long time awaited feature “Watch” to premiere the videos and short episodes. Today the company announces the addition of the ‘Watch’ tab on the platform where one can watc.....Read More

The Financial Times Back To Apple After It Abandoned The Platform in 2011 Update 9th August, 2017 by James Lawson

The Financial TImes (FT) who had abandoned the iOS platform six years ago now launching its app in the App Store. The company is launching its iOS app for the U.K and U.S  based subscribers to easily access the content.

In 2011 the company abandoned the Apple due to some disagreement over the revenue and da.....Read More

Snapchat Receives an Offer of $30 Billion From Google For The Acquisition Update 4th August, 2017 by James Lawson

The search giant Google, who constantly trying and not getting any success in the social media competition. So, the tech giant is planning to buy the established social media platform by offering a deal to the Snapchat. Google secretly Read More

VR is The Top Searched Skill By The Employers Today Update 3rd August, 2017 by Eric Jones

Currently, we are experiencing a speed up evolution in the technology changing everything around us at rapid rate. Technology is integrated in our life that way we didn't even notice when it became the part of our living. From smartphone to smartwatch we have everything to assist us or to perform any task, you just name it. Certainly, the innovative deve.....Read More

WhatsApp Will Face Paytm, Indian Digital Payment App as Rival In Messaging Service Update 3rd August, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

The Indian digital Paytm company Paytm is going to challenge the WhatsApp in the country by introducing its messaging feature. Paytm is planning to expand its services by adding the user-to-user chat option and games.The payment service company is playing a major role in order to maintain the digital payment transaction in the country.

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Snapchat is Looking To Acquire Zero Zero Robotics, a Selfie Drone Maker From China Update 2nd August, 2017 by James Lawson

Snapchat is trying to come up with the new tactics to allure the more users after WhatsApp gone a hit by cloning its story feature. This quarterly report isn't satisfying for the Snapchat and the company knows the key to make a comeback in the market. Recently the company has acquired a mapping startup named Zenly.

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Apple Shares Q3 Earnings With Record Breaking iPhone Sale Update 2nd August, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

On Tuesday Apple shares its third quarter sales figure with the world and crushed the estimates that were given by the analysts earlier. Everyone was thinking the Apple fans were holding back and waiting for the iPhone 8 to launch, but it seems they are still spending plenty on Apple gadgets.

The Read More

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