Chat Fiction Apps: New Trend Among Teens Redefining The Story Reading Update 20th June, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

We belong to the era or century that have witnessed a drastic transformation in the technology world. The evolution of the humans-machine interaction has changed the meaning of how we use technology for help or assistance. Today the approach of.....Read More

Blippar: A Car- Identifying App Gives You All Information You Wanna Know Update 13th June, 2017 by James Lawson

Mobile app world is getting bigger and bigger every day with the addition of more innovative ideas to the technology. Enterprises are using the mobile application as a tool to penetrate among the users. The mobile application has proven as the best choice for marketing and interacting with users directly. The digital world is totally .....Read More

Systweak Anti-Malware: Keep Your Phone Safe and Secure Update 13th June, 2017 by Eric Jones

Malware threats cause a serious damage to your device performance. Your device may affect with malicious content from many sources including online and offline activities. To remove this malware threat, you can use anti-malware programs for effective results. Systweak Anti-Malware is one such tool that scans even the remotest corners .....Read More

Device Maintenance: New App From Samsung For its Devices on Play Store Update 9th June, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

Now everything is possible with the help of mobile apps, mobile app technology is a boon for everyone. There were times when someone or any company like smartphone maker depends on other apps for some particular functions. Now tech giants like Adobe and others are giving assistance to the users with their own developed apps. The easie.....Read More

Google Awarded These Best 12 Android Apps of 2017 Update 8th June, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Google Play store contains more than 2.2 million apps and almost hundreds of applications add every week. For a single requirement and task, we have a plethora of applications in the store to choose from. However all the application present are not great in functionality and experience so there ios ratings given by the users.Read More

Play Protect: New Addition To Android Mobile App Security By Google Update 7th June, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

The World is becoming more app-centric and every business is aware of the potential mobile app holds in their growth. Every tech giant is focusing on the mobile app world as they know it's the prime target need to consider. As Google in its latest Read More

Adobe Scan App With Text Recognition Launched for Android and iOS Update 6th June, 2017 by Joshua Anderson


  • Adobe introduced new scanning app
  • App have the feature that recognises the text
  • Easy to use a.....Read More

Duplicate Files Fixer: Best Duplicate Cleaner for Android Update 16th May, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Smartphone plays a key role in the transformation of the tech world and drifting our life more in digital dimensions. Almost every task is done with the use of applications and smartphones which make phones to contain composite data. Very often we all go through the problem of having duplicates file within our device. These double files of same content cause many is.....Read More

5 Apps That will Make Your Smartphone Even More Smarter Update 4th April, 2017 by Eric Jones

Whether it is office meeting, chilling at home or leaving  for adventurous trip, smartphones or mobile apps are all time companions and most reliable option in any case. Today smartphones have indulged in our life in a way that we can't even picturised our.....Read More

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How cloud driven Mobile Application works ? Update 29th March, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

A cloud-driven or cloud application is simply an mobile application that runs on the server instead of your device. A cloud app will serve same features and characteristics as the pure desktop or device app, but functions in the cloud storage......Read More

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