How To Schedule Messages on WhatsApp? Update 17th August, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

WhatsApp undoubtedly ruling the world single handed when it comes to an instant messaging service. Almost every smartphone user is using the WhatsApp for messaging today. The app is most effective, cost-free and instant communication channel which allows you to share information in just one click. Apart from the messaging WhatsApp also have other features wh.....Read More

These Android Apps are The Reason For Your Smartphone Expeditious Battery Drain Update 10th August, 2017 by James Lawson

Smartphones have taken a place in our lives that it is almost impossible to spend a day without it. From communicating to the official work smartphones are integrated into everything in order to make things simple and quickly accessible. But, the biggest problems that smartphone users face is the fight against the battery consumption.

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Facebook is Killing Its Teen Targeted App 'Lifestage' Along With The 'Groups' App Update 9th August, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

Facebook is shutting down it's small and underrated apps which were nothing more than an unsuccessful attempt to allure the users. The company is pulling its teen targeted apps Lifestage app along with the Facebook supported Groups app. Both the apps are built by the Facebook, the Lifestag was introduced to rival the Snapchat and the Groups was launched .....Read More

How Uber Drivers are Tricking The Company’s System To Make Profit Update 3rd August, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Uber is growing well and expanding its services in many new regions across the globe. But, there is something that needs to be known, you are being cheated in terms of payment, not by Uber but some of its drivers.

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Apple and Google Takes Down Hundreds of Trading Apps From The Stores Update 1st August, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

Recently the researchers found too many malware containing apps and the mobile applications that are a potential threat to the users. In return, both the tech giants  Google and Apple actively took actions by withdrawing or deleting the apps from the respective application store .....Read More

The Drivemode Success Story – How it Increased Installs by 40% Using Facebook Update 26th July, 2017 by Guest Author

In a move that proved to be more rewarding than expected, Drivemode joined forces with Facebook for a campaign that helped them boost installs by a massive 40% while reducing cost per install by 5%.

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This New Apple’s Messaging App is Going Viral Among The Social Media Users Update 24th July, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

Mobile app technology is all about how innovatively you provide a solution to the people's simplest problems. This sentence is proven by the newbie in the Apple’s App Store that shocked everyone. The new secret messaging app Sarahah gained sudden popularity app Sahara due to its unique feature.

The app synchroni.....Read More

5 Questions to Ask When Deciding If Your Business Needs an App Update 21st July, 2017 by Guest Author

“Do I need a dedicated mobile app for my business?”

This question has been asked many times, particularly by small business owners. Food service establishments want apps for online ordering. Retailers want to showcase their product line or send coupons to customers in.....Read More

5 Best Lyrics App You Must Try For Your Music Love Update 18th July, 2017 by James Lawson

Music is the all-time remedy whether you are having a bad day or just wanna feel some emotion via song. We all need music in our life and mobile app technology has made have put it on our fingers. App providing the lyrics are amazing for the music lovers who take songs by the heart. There are plenty of applications available in store offering the song lyric .....Read More

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SoloLearn: Facebook Awarded Code Learning App The FbStart App Of the Year Award Update 17th July, 2017 by Eric Jones

Facebook every year held an event where they award the most innovative and amazing app starts of the year. The Social media giant just announced the FbStart Apps of years to appreciate the new ideas. SoloLearn won the grand prize of this year's Facebook event and collected appreciation around the globe. SoloLearn is a platform that where anyone can learn.....Read More

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