Google is Giving Billions To Apple To Stay Default Search Option in Apple Devices Update 15th August, 2017 by Eric Jones

Tech giants always keep in a fight to outrun each other in order to increase their market value and provide better services to the users. iPhone maker and the top search engine also have the same relationship, whether it's about the smartphone competition or tech innovation. But, both the companies know each other’s impact and value among the users.....Read More

Apple is Sharing Photos Shot on iPhone Via Its Newly Signed Up Instagram Account Update 8th August, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

The most valuable company in the world is now on the Instagram, Apple just created its official Instagram account @apple. The iPhone maker just realized that it's a better way to promote the iPhone and stay connected to the fans via image sharing Platform. However, the company is not using th.....Read More

Apple Shares Q3 Earnings With Record Breaking iPhone Sale Update 2nd August, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

On Tuesday Apple shares its third quarter sales figure with the world and crushed the estimates that were given by the analysts earlier. Everyone was thinking the Apple fans were holding back and waiting for the iPhone 8 to launch, but it seems they are still spending plenty on Apple gadgets.

The Read More

Apple is Pulling VPN Apps From the Store on The Orders Of Chinese Government Update 31st July, 2017 by James Lawson

Once again the China shows its power to the mobile app world and the rest of the world by taking down all VPN (Virtual Private Network Services) in the country. On the command of the Chinese government, Apple has removed all the VPN apps from the App Store in China.

TheRead More

Apple Kills iPod Nano, The Device Behind Apple’s First $5 Billion Hit Update 28th July, 2017 by Eric Jones

Apple just stopped manufacturing and selling the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle, the two most loved music players in the early days.

Withdrawing the production of iPod Nano and iPod shuffle is not a surprising step by the tech giant. The company doesn't have much focus on the iPod selling since it Read More

This New Apple’s Messaging App is Going Viral Among The Social Media Users Update 24th July, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

Mobile app technology is all about how innovatively you provide a solution to the people's simplest problems. This sentence is proven by the newbie in the Apple’s App Store that shocked everyone. The new secret messaging app Sarahah gained sudden popularity app Sahara due to its unique feature.

The app synchroni.....Read More

Apple and The Rock Teamed Up in This New Ad To Explore Siri Capabilities Update 24th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

It's not hidden that most of the tech giant believes that AI is the future of our world. We already have a number of AI available like Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Echo to help out in almost everything. Do we know how much capable of assisting us Are they that much of helpful as their inventor promises?. The problem is not with them, it's w.....Read More

7 Things You Should Know About Apple’s Newest VP for China, Isabel Ge Mahe Update 22nd July, 2017 by James Lawson

On July 19, 2017, Apple announces the new Vice President for the Chinese market of Apple Inc. The company appointed Isabel Ge Mahe as the VP and as well as the Managing Director for the Greater China region. In recent y.....Read More

iPhone Users - Don't waste Your Time by Force Quitting The Apps Unnecessarily Update 21st July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

We all are tech addicted now and gadgets have become an integral part of our life. While using tech devices we have our own tips and tricks in order to make it more productive. The Same way most of the iPhone users directly kill the app in the background with the intention to save battery and RAM. However, Mac blogger and publisher John Gruber recently menti.....Read More

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Apple Appointed a New VP and Managing Director For The Chinese Market Update 20th July, 2017 by Eric Jones

Apple considerably knows the importance of the China's potential market and don't wanna give any slip. Apple just announces a major job role in China market of Apple inc., a new VP, and Managing director is assigned to t.....Read More

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