The Essential Phone: Is it Really Worth Saying It an Anti-iPhone? Update 21st August, 2017 by Eric Jones

There are lot of talks going on about the new member in the smartphone world which is built  by none other than the father of Android, Andy Rubin. The Essential products are the manufacturer of the phone but Andy Rubin is the man behind the whole idea. On May 30, 2017, the Essential phone was officially revealed and on 9 Aug 2017, Andy Rubin announced t.....Read More

Here's How You can Access The Android Instant Apps Available on 500M Devices Update 18th August, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Android Instant apps, a cloud server for the mobile app execution, built by the Google to enhance the Play Store service is finally out. Google Just announced that it has successfully rolled out the instant app's service to 500 million devices. Google launched the Read More

Android Apps With Issues Will be Down Ranked in The Play Store by Google Update 16th August, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

As part of the Google’s campaign for uplifting the standards of the Google Play Store, it added new effort. This time the tech giant introduced a new algorithm in the Play Store that will help the company in ranking the apps. Now the company will rank down the apps that are not behaving well and higher the deserving apps.

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These Android Apps are The Reason For Your Smartphone Expeditious Battery Drain Update 10th August, 2017 by James Lawson

Smartphones have taken a place in our lives that it is almost impossible to spend a day without it. From communicating to the official work smartphones are integrated into everything in order to make things simple and quickly accessible. But, the biggest problems that smartphone users face is the fight against the battery consumption.

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Google Launched ‘Made In India’ Initiative For The Indian App Market Update 1st August, 2017 by Eric Jones

Google on Tuesday launched the ‘Made in India campaign’ for the developers in India to develop and optimize the apps especially for the Indian market.

Under the ‘Made in India’ initiative, the developers in India will get the opportunity to develop the apps which will be optimized special.....Read More

Beware of This New Android Malware, Capable of Stealing More Than Text and Data Information Update 31st July, 2017 by Eric Jones

A new malware has taken the birth and entered into the Android market of applications targeting the users to steal their information. Android devices have been targeted by the rogue hackers in order to steal the device and user information. Earlier this year the Google Play Store had been hit by so many malware and spyware which was able to bypass the Google.....Read More

Google Exiled 20 Espionage Android Apps, Which were Stealing Users Data and Recording Calls Update 28th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Google just discarded 20 of the Android apps from the Google Play store after finding that these apps were fetching the users personal data from their devices.

These 20 applications made their way to the 100 Android devices and secretly extracting the sensitive data of the users. When Google finds out that these apps are .....Read More

Google Solved the Problem of Emoji Incompatibility of Apps On Older Android Version Update 26th July, 2017 by Eric Jones

Tech giants frequently update their smartphone platforms in order to provide the latest technology to the users. When a version is updated there is a number of enhancements in features and attributes which were absent in the prior one. Google is ready to release its newest Android version with the most waited enhancements. There is a lot of difference among .....Read More

Google is Facing Trouble with Latest News Feed Feature in Android Devices Update 24th July, 2017 by James Lawson

Last week, Google enrolled a new news feed feature to its app which smartly displays the latest happenings. The new feature by the tech giant uses the previous searched history, users location and the things users have followed along with the liked genre to share the n.....Read More

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How To Enjoy Latest Android O Features on Your Android Smartphone Update 19th July, 2017 by Ariana Johnson

Almost every year every Google releases a major update for the Android smartphones. The tech giant enrolls the operating system’s latest version containing new features every year. This year all the eyes are on the Android which is expected as the biggest released till now from Google. Android O has the upgrades and features that will redefine the smar.....Read More

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