Google Exiled 20 Espionage Android Apps, Which were Stealing Users Data and Recording Calls Update 28th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Google just discarded 20 of the Android apps from the Google Play store after finding that these apps were fetching the users personal data from their devices.

These 20 applications made their way to the 100 Android devices and secretly extracting the sensitive data of the users. When Google finds out that these apps are .....Read More

WhatsApp Smashed with 1 Billion Users While Facebook Sees Slow Growth Yet Manages To Beat Google in Q2 Update 27th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Today WhatsApp and Facebook revealed Q2 2017 stats showing the user growth and revenue stats for this quarter. Where Whatsapp topped the list in number user by leading behind the rivals like Instagram and SnapChat while Facebook faces slight downfall in the results. Mark Zuckerberg updates the WhatsApp Q2 figures on his profile over the Facebook profile and .....Read More

The Top 5 Leading Ladies in Tech World You Should be Following Update 25th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

The world is transforming at a very high rate and everything is changing with the pace that may be in years we will witness an entirely new era. Along with the technology, the position and role of the women in today’s world are also evolved with the time. Not so far from now just a couple of years back 57% of all professions is occupied by the women an.....Read More

Apple and The Rock Teamed Up in This New Ad To Explore Siri Capabilities Update 24th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

It's not hidden that most of the tech giant believes that AI is the future of our world. We already have a number of AI available like Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Echo to help out in almost everything. Do we know how much capable of assisting us Are they that much of helpful as their inventor promises?. The problem is not with them, it's w.....Read More

iPhone Users - Don't waste Your Time by Force Quitting The Apps Unnecessarily Update 21st July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

We all are tech addicted now and gadgets have become an integral part of our life. While using tech devices we have our own tips and tricks in order to make it more productive. The Same way most of the iPhone users directly kill the app in the background with the intention to save battery and RAM. However, Mac blogger and publisher John Gruber recently menti.....Read More

Paranoid Android Got New Update With 7.2 Version Which Comes With New Features Update 18th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Firstly, for the ones who are not aware of the Paranoid Android, it is an open source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform. Paranoid Android surprised everyone with the stupendous features and upgrades a month ago with the release of the new version. But this time it takes the things to a new level by la.....Read More

A Little -Known App is Drawing $80,000 Every Month From App Store Update 16th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Fortune already told us that the Apple is the most valuable company in the world by leaving all the giants behind. Apple is the most revenue generating machines if we talk about mobile app world. It is mentioned earlier by the Apple developer has raised more than 700 billion from the App stor.....Read More

Google Made These 28 Paid Apps Free in Google Play Store Sale For Limited Time Update 13th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

It seems like the sale of mobile apps is getting more trendy than we thought. The weekend is around the corner and Google again puts some of the apps on discounts and also gave heavy discounts on some others. Today we have found these popular paid mobile apps which are totally free for the limited time. There is know time period for how long these apps will .....Read More

How To Use Hidden Game of Thrones Snapchat Filter with The Secret Snapcode Update 11th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

There is nothing impossible over the social media, you can connect to millions of people and make something go viral. What is more amazing that getting yourself turn into one of your favorite tv series characters, HBO is doing something like this, Game of Thrones new season is just days away from now and the entertainment channel is creating the hype. HBO la.....Read More

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Facebook Secretly Testing a Group Video App Named Bonfire Update 7th July, 2017 by Joshua Anderson

Social media mobile apps are continuously in a fight to provide users more interesting time to spend features. Facebook is constantly working on new projects to amaze the users by providing them they something addictive. There is a news the social media giant is secretly working on group video chat app. The app copies the basic functionalities of the apps like Houseparty. This is not .....Read More

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