Gauthmath - A Free Online Math Problem Solver App

Snap a math question, and get the problem solved in seconds!

Updated on October 04, 2021
Gauthmath - A Free Online Math Problem Solver App

Maths isn’t hard but the way it is taught makes it tough to grasp. Not everyone can be good at maths, it all depends on the level of interest and eagerness to learn.

As a working parent, it is difficult to be available 24/7 for help with math anxiety in their children. So, how can you help your kids struggling with complex math problems?

When it comes to teaching maths, you've probably tried everything from quizzes over snacks to extra study help. What if we say, you can easily bring live math experts to your home via smartphones.

We have brought you an amazing app - the Gauthmath app, a free math problem solver, and yet one of the best learning apps for students that will help you learn maths online, covering topics like algebra, track formulae, geometry, and solve equations by simply pointing to the camera.

In this app review, we are going to have a look at this unique maths problem solver app through a detailed Gauthmath review.  This incredible math app can be highly useful for everyone who is anxious about math.

Moving forward, we are discussing a detailed Gauthmath app review consisting of its features, services, usage, and much more. Before getting the Gauthmath free download, let’s move to its ins and outs to understand the app better.

What is the Gauthmath app?

The Gauthmath app is the best free math problem solver app that instantly solves mathematics problems from your smartphone using the camera. From basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, Gauthmath utilizes smart technology to read math problems and provide step-by-step solutions on how to address them.

Gauthmath App

The Gauthmath app is reasonably the best free math problem solver app for solving mathematical problems that offer free portable tutors for algebra, graphing, calculus, and all other complex math problems any time, anywhere. You just simply need to snap a photo of your question and get step-by-step answers immediately within 3 minutes of posting.

“Gauthmath solves word problems which almost no math solver app could do. Because we have real live tutors. With an efficient question sending order system, students from worldwide could get their questions answered within a short time by a well-trained tutor.”

~Team Gauthmath

When do you need the Gauthmath app?

If you have any last-minute problems in mathematics, leave them to Gauthmath!

This is a great free educational app that works great for students and can also be used to solve mathematical equations. It is really useful for kids to do homework easily.

For instance, students have a math question but with no one around to help with them, they could just snap the question and a tutor from Gauthmath would provide them with a step-by-step answer in 1-15 mins (depending on the difficulty of the question) for free. It works great for both mathlete or math-challenged students dealing with last-minute problems.

This math helper app saves a lot of time for students from watching pre-recorded videos, instead of providing them with quick explanations to problems right to the point. The app acts as a key platform that has helped students around the world during the Covid-19 lockdown when students couldn’t really get the teacher’s help on time. In fact, an increasing number of students have actually started relying on Gauthmath tutors during this hard time.

Secondly, unlike other math solver apps, the answers provided by real tutors are most accurate with details. Also, there are verified experts ready to help you 24x7, which serves as the greatest advantage which rarely could be solved by AI due to NLP technology.

“I truly hope that Gauthmath will not only be a free education App but also create a diverse community for students to grow skills and mindsets around the world. Our team truly believes that education is not about money, but about children. We would want to create an equal environment for students to learn math in a way that suits them the most.”

~Gauthmath Team

Top Features of Gauthmath App

This math helper app has various features that make it the best math solver app to learn maths online. So, before hitting the Gauthmath app download, let’s jump to its features.

1. An All-in-one Math Solution

This free math solver app can help you solve all your math homework using your smartphone. All you need is to take a picture of the mathematics equation or scan your math homework. Rest things are done by Gauthmath. Be it algebra, graphing, calculus, or other complex math equations, Gauthmath will directly get you the solution.

With Gauthmath, you can solve any math problem you have. Whether you're taking IB/A Level/SAT/ACT/AP/GCSE/HSC math or any other advanced math classes, this resource covers it all.

2. Online Homework Help in Real-Time

The Gauthmath app reads and solves mathematical problems instantly by using the camera of your mobile device. Once, you took a snap of your question. It hardly takes 3 minutes or less for Gauthmath to reach its solution. The answer to the problem displays instantly on the screen.

Gauthmath App

3. Get Step-by-Step Explanations

From basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and geometry, the Gauthmath online app gives detailed explanations in the simplest form. Unlike other math scanner apps, it gives you a step-by-step solution to your math problem instantly, instead of jumping to conclusions.

Gauthmath App

4. Verified Experts Ready to Help You 24x7

Gauthmath app has thousands of math experts and free portable tutors. Once they get your math problem photo, you get answers instantly, and a step-by-step solution will be provided to you if needed. Just ask them, anywhere, anytime, and even 24/7.

Gauthmath App

5. In-app Ticket System

GauthMath has an in-app ticket system that requires students to use one ticket per question. But they have kept that free at the moment. Using the app and inviting friends to install the app would allow students to earn tickets. The purpose of this system is to prevent unauthorized use of free resources for tutoring.

6. Gauthmath Communities

With GauthMath, you can connect with multiple communities on social media. In addition to learning mathematics in an enjoyable manner, students also play with their friends. 

7. The World's Easiest Math Scanner

Gauthmath online app can help you solve the hardest types of math problems. IB/ A Level/ SAT / ACT / AP / GCSE / HSC math and other advanced mathematics cover all kinds of math problems that help you master math.

Gauthmath App

Math Topics Covered

The Gauthmath free download app offers content from every major math problem and covers the following topics -

  • Word problems 
  • Algebra (Real Number; Arithmetic; Set theory; Expression; Logarithm; Complex Number)
  • Function (Linear; Quadratic; Polynomial; Exponential; Rational; Logarithmic; Inverse Function)
  • Geometry (Plane & Solid Geometry; Algebra & lines; lines and planes in space; transformation)
  • Trigonometry (Trigonometric Ratios; Law of Sines; Law of Cosines; Reciprocal Properties)
  • Calculus (Derivatives; Integrals; Limits; the tangent/area problem)
  • Statistics and Data Analysis (Probability; data representation; random variables; binomial theorem; Poisson distribution; normal distributions; confidence intervals)
  • Matrix (matrix algebra; the system of linear equations and matrices)
  • Logic (reasoning and proof; conditional statements; inductive reasoning; deductive reasoning)

Gauthmath App Capabilities

Sample problems app can easily solve - 

  • 4a+3=15
  • Square root of 48.5 
  • Simplify mn^-4/p^0q^-2
  • Evaluate 10-5
  • Square root of 125n
  • Square root of 1.75


Get the Gauthmath app download for free. It is one of the best learning apps for students that is completely free to use and has no hidden charges.

What’s New?

Version - 1.4.9


- Get more tickets by signing in every day.
- Set up your homework deadline on the Gauthmath calendar to get reminders.

Future updates

They have plenty of upcoming updates, only that some are still under discussion. What they are pretty sure to offer is video explanations for user’s questions. When a student is going to ask a question, not only answers and explanations will be offered, but a short video with a tutor elaborating the concept and actually tutoring this question will also be offered.

Gauthmath online app will continue to optimize our AI system and technology in general. In addition, they will provide more than just an app for our users. By bringing together everyone in the community, it will also be a fun app for students to learn math.

Hits and Strikes


  • 100% FREE to use
  • Solve math problems instantly
  • Live tutors available 24/7
  • Step-by-step explanations
  • It is one of the best learning apps for students
  • Get real-time online homework help
  • Unlimited chances to ask math experts
  • Easy to use interface
  • Available on Android/ iOS
  • Among the free educational apps for students
  • No ads
  • No subscription


  • The interface can be improved
  • Does not support handwriting
  • Video explanations are missing

Gauthmath Review, Ratings, and Additional Information

Gauthmath App

MAD Ratings 

Features- 4.5
Navigation- 4.2
Pricing- 5.0
Security- 4.5
UI/UX- 4.0

Our Verdict 

With Gauthmath, you can solve math problems and get tutoring with live tutors at almost any time. They are the most efficient and accurate app in the world that solves math word problems. Gauthmath is also available in most of the countries in the world, helping K12 students learn one of the most important and challenging subjects ––– math, for free.

New technology judges how a student learns, their habits and how their goals can be met. This concept gives birth to the “Gauthmath app”. It is a free app for iOS and Android that aims to revolutionize learning and education.

The Gauthmath app is one of the best learning apps for students that helps students solve mathematical problems with expert assistance. It is a really unique tool that is going to become very successful amongst students, parents, and even teachers to solve math problems while staying at home, especially in the post-covid era. 

Moreover, we found the app really exceptional and useful to solve the maths equations without hassle. Get the Gauthmath free download on your smartphone and start learning smartly. 

If you have an amazing app like Gauthmath that shares a really unique concept, you can get your app reviewed by the experts of MobileAppDaily. These experts will help you in identifying the potential of your app. Moreover, you will get an insight if your app will thrive or just survive in the market.


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