10-Step Plan of Effective App Promotion

Mobile App Promotion 16th June, 2017   |   by Guest Author


Apps are gaining more and more popularity. According to Statista and Nielsen report, an average American spends 3.3 hours a day on their smartphones. So, there is a reason to create an app. But what’s next? What is the next stage after release? The answer is easy: app promotion.

It is a tough process, but we are going to help you, outlining the next ten steps.

From scratch

Create a target audience even before you hire a mobile development company. Get to know your future users’ needs and study how to solve them with the help of your app. Let them test your beta version and make as many improvements and iterations as you can. By doing so, you can get an additional exposure, as well. People love sharing news about themselves. So, they will gladly tell everyone that they are among the first to test a new app.

Don’t forget about ASO

ASO stands for app store optimization. Nielsen proved that more than half of smartphone users find new apps through the search in Google Play and AppStore. So, be diligent with the description of your app and keywords in it. Search engine of app store defines the relevancy of an app to the particular search term through the keywords in its description. So, be serious about your app store description.

Learn your dream audiences interests

To define how your user will search for your app, you can make a keyword research with the help of such tools as Keyword Planner. Moreover, you should pay attention to SEO, too. If a person looks for something in Google, the latter can provide them with a direct link to an app. So, you can use Google Adwords text ads. Speaking about your audience’s interest, you can place your ads through Google Adwords display ads on sites that your target users visit.

Bloggers outreach

You need to outline what websites your users visit. You should show your app to them there. You should be everywhere, where your target audience might be. But remember: the sites must be relevant. So, why to restrict yourself to the ads section? Write to the site or blog owners and show them your app. If you are a lucky one and they’ll like your app, you can get a feature for free. Otherwise, there is a paid option, too.

Influencers outreach

Top-minders, or influencers, are people who can have an impact on buying decisions. Usually, they are bloggers with a wide audience and possess a high digital popularity. In other words, you need reviews of people who have loads of readers. So, do you best to get them.

Be your own supporter

Use the powers you have already had: your website, blog, forums. Make your users sure that you care about them and want to make your product even more convenient with an app. Apps are basically the way to make your customers’ life easier. There are many researches that users prefer native apps to mobile sites when it comes to the frequently used features. So, don’t let your users forget how much care you provide them with.

Review sites

Getting reviews is important. All the hesitating users pay a tremendous attention to them. The word of mouth is the best working channel of promotion for any product. Apps are not an exception. Ask your users for a review, but not bother them much. Take care to be presented on the review sites, so that your users can say a couple of words about you if they want to. Here is a list of app review sites you can use for such purposes:

  • www.iphoneappreview.com
  • feedmyapp.com
  • web.appstorm.net
  • theymakeapps.com
  • edshelf.com
  • www.appsafari.com
  • appcircus.com
  • freshapps.com
  • fanappic.com
  • ipadappsreviewer.com/expose around-your-app
  • www.iappsclub.com/p/write-for-us.html
  • www.phonepop.co.uk/write-for-us
  • www.whatsmyapp.com
  • pocketfullofapps.com/habit in/write-for-us
  • theiphoneappreview.com/

Apply for Awards

Awards are the means to let others know how cool your app is. It is a tremendous option for exposure and you get a great opportunity of news hook. There are loads of them of many types: best programming solutions, best user interface, best user experience, best plot, etc. By the way, it is a great tactic for your SEO. The more awards, the more links and mentions you get.

Make your users happy

Make them want to have your app installed. Special discounts and offers are the excellent means to do this right. You can hold promotion available only through the apps. You can add unique facilities that can be got only via an app. Kindle users interest.

Use social networks

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can easily show you the interests of your users. What’s more, they have app advertising features. Again, make a research and find out what social networks your users prefer. And direct your marketing budget there. And do not forget to test. Checking analytics and testing your marketing tactics will bring you to the outstanding marketing strategy and its results.

Get awards, influencers and bloggers reviews, use Google and social network advertising, benefit from ASO, and your app will become a success.

Author Bio: Alexandra is a Marketing Manager for Glorium Technologies. She know how the IT sphere can leverage business processes and business budgets. She is eager to share the knowledge and experience gained. 

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