Taking A Glimpse of IoT Sensor Development Kit by Helium

News 5th January, 2016   |   by Eric Jones


Helium, which is a San Francisco-based Internet of things (IoT) startup has announced Helium Sensor Development Kit that comes with Helium Smart Sensors with a new extensible daughtercard while giving access to a new set of web APIs. This kit enable IoT developers to have access to the Helium full-stack platform. The main motive behind designing the sensors effectively is to utilize the complete potential of the Helium platform. The smart sensors have the ability to program low level sensor readings and can transform them into real time business insights.

The Helium Sensor Development Kit helps accelerate time to market for IoT developers and also enterprise solution providers. The kit is designed to make optimum utilisation of software-defined and field-programmable sensors using the Helium Platform, allowing users to create the way for better solutions for efficiency, comfort as well as  operation within enterprise and industrial environments. Helium allow users to focus on adding intelligence via software-led approach.

Helium is joining hands with hospitals, health care organizations, food and beverage industries for offering smart refrigeration systems. In addition, Helium helps in reducing risk and in improving safety especially in hospitals with the help of inventory monitoring of refrigerated items like vaccines, blood bags. It can also minimize maintenance and operating costs by determining machine failures and also outrages before they occur. With Helium Sensor Development Kit, enterprise developers as well as solution providers test the high value of smart IoT apps before going further into the manufacturing process. Apart from the Sensor Development Kit, it has also announced an upgraded user interface for its platform and has also released Helium Mobile App.

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